Worlds Hits the Rift

The most prestigious LoL tournament kicks-off on September 23!

Coreon Gate Summoner's League

Enter the Arena as Coreon Gate opens the Summoner's League.

Worlds 2017 Format Summary

Everything you need to know about the format of Worlds 2017

Piltover Spotlight: Poysanity

Former IPT support Poysanity is back in the Piltover's Finest.

Chase Your Legend: Xiaohu

Strength is pushing far beyond expectations.

What is Worlds 2017?

Learn more about the 2017 LoL World Championship in China.

Academy Arena

August 26 to 27!

Arena: Anatomy of a Pause

What actually happens on stage and backstage during a pause?

The Penta: Episode 21

The best plays from around the world

We want YOU!

Be a Garena Marshal now!

2017 LCL Summer Registration

The registrations for the 2017 LCL Summer Term is now open!

Rift Talk EP3.1: Worlds 2017

A quick recap of all the teams that qualified for Worlds 2017