CM Storm Challenger Tournament - Davao Comeback Cats OGC
BY GG Sphere - January 30, 2014

Last January 26, 2014, 22 Groups of Summoners attended the battle of glory to see who deserves to be called as the Champion in the recently concluded CM Storm Challenger Tournament – Cyberia Gaming Hub.

 With PhP 15,000 cash prize pool at stake, the quest to reach the final stage weren’t easy as they have to undergo the tournament with Single Elimination format.

Team Legends OGC, the previous leg’s champion, unfortunately lost against 10x Karma who is an unknown team during the event. As they went against Fire Breathing Kittens, 10x Karma lost before they reach the finals. At last, Davao OGC reached the final match against Fire Breathing Kittens

With that, Team Davao Comeback Cats OGC (former team Davao OGC) defeated Fire Breathing Kittens with a 2-0 score. They once again defended their title of being the Champion of CM Storm Challenger Tournament – Mindanao this year.

Overall Rankings in the Challenger Tournament – Mindanao as of January 28, 2014:


  Team Name   Challenger Tournament Points
1 Team Legends OGC  37
Team Davao OGC 27 
 #Pogi Problems OGC 22
Chamba HeroesTeam  19
Fire Breathing Kittens 10
10x Karma  7
Wonder Pets RFG 
10  Doyle  5
11  Team DAVAO OGC Barbee
12  HBK LoL  4
13  Team GRRR 
14   TCity Destroyer
15 Blue Oderf 2
16  Against All Odds 
17  /ff 
18 Adventures of TinTin 
20 TSA 2
21 XFinity 2
22 HBK Team Friendzone 2



Congratulations Davao OGC for being the Champion of CM Storm Challenger Tournament- Cyberia Davao! Stay tuned and be updated. Visit Garena PH Esports site and EMERGE VICTORIOUS!


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