The Coming Year for eSports
BY Benj Dalmacio - January 30, 2014

Greetings Summoners!

From a successful series of eSports tournaments we shared together throughout the year (Mineski Pro –Gaming League and MSI-TNC Gaming Cup to name a few) to an amazing and awe-inspiring performance by our very-own Team Mineski in the Season 3 Southeast Asia Regionals where they beat crowd favorites earning themselves a spot in the Season 3 World Championships, it has indeed been a great 2013 for all of us here in the League of Legends PH eSports community.

But 2013 was only the beginning, 2014 is the start for bigger things to come and we have a lot in store for everyone.


We’ve noticed the great support you’ve been giving the Rise of the Champions tournaments in the past year which made us decide to give you even more chance to get into the eSports fever. Starting February, expect as much as fifteen (15) Rise of the Champions tournament legs across the country on a monthly basis. This means more tournaments you can join and more chances to take home cash prize and premium League of Legends merchandise.

But we’re not satisfied yet as we want to do more tournaments and reach Summoners from as many cities and provinces as possible. This is why we will be creating an all-new tournament series: the Teemo Cup. Similar to the Rise of the Champions, the Teemo Cups will also provide an avenue for aspiring League of Legends teams and we are planning to organize at least 300 Teemo Cups this year. Stay tuned for more details and updates about this.

We will also be providing sponsorships to tournament organizers and internet cafes who wish to conduct their own League of Legends tournaments through the Tournament Sponsorship Program. We shall be unveiling more information on this very soon and we are very excited to start providing support and sponsorship to all applicants.

We’ve also seen high demand for the League of Legends Cyber League Online Tournament in the past couple of months which is why, starting February, we will be running two LoL Cyber League online tournaments side-by-side to accommodate as much as 256 teams.


During the last few months, we’ve also been organizing a number of monthly Challenger Tournaments across major cities nationwide. The top eight teams from each leg of the Challenger Tournaments gain points where, at the end of a specified period, the team with the most points qualifies for the Pro Gaming Series Season Split.

The Pro Gaming Series Season Split is the period between two PGS seasons where the top teams on the Challenger Tournaments and the top two teams from the Ranked Team Challenger. We made sure that by having Challenger Tournaments across major cities nationwide and taking into account the top teams from the Ranked Team Challenger Tier, every aspiring League of Legends team has a fair shot to make it to the Pro Gaming Series. You can check out the image below for a more visual interpretation of the PGS Season Split qualification process:



Starting February, we’ll also be kicking off with the Spring Season of the 2014 Pro Gaming Series. The Pro Gaming Series pits together the best League of Legends teams in the country where, in the span of two and a half months, each team will try to outplay their opponents for the privilege of representing the country in international tournaments and of course, in the prestigious Garena Premier League. You can tune in to the live broadcast every Saturdays & Sundays at 5-7 PM starting February 15 to catch the country’s best clash in the Fields of Justice.

Speaking of the Garena Premier League, we also have double the reason for you to stay tuned to Asia’s first and only multinational League of Legends league as not one but two of the country’s best teams will be competing for the chance to make it to the 2014 World Championships: Imperium (formerly Exile) and the Manila Eagles. You can know more about them as the GPL 2014 Spring Season nears its start this February 12 by tuning in to the GPL website or the Garena eSports website.


Recently released is the all-new Garena PH eSports website complete with features that we have collected based on feedbacks we got from you. The new website will feature the latest news and happenings on League of Legends eSports as well as info on any upcoming events/tournaments. You can also check out the eSportsvideo library where we will be collecting the best quality eSports videos for you to access with just a click away. Everything you need to know and looking for in LoL eSports can now be found here!

All of these do not end here as we have a lot more in store while we constantly find ways to bring eSports more interesting and closer to you!

Wishing you a great eSports year ahead!

Benj Dalmacio
eSports Manager