The Proving Grounds: A New Hang-out for Competitive LoL Teams
BY eSports Staff - February 04, 2014

The League of Legends PH team has recently announced the creation of the new hang-out for competitive teams. The new forum section brings both experience and aspiring teams together through a forum section wherein they can schedule scrims and practice games. Check out the complete announcement below for more info

Greetings Summoners!

The League of Legends community is getting bigger as the years go by. Our team has just been a humble bunch of players who are eager to prove themselves in the fields of fustice. As time went by, more summoners rose to step up to the challenge and thus created multitudes of clans battling out for glory and honor.

That being said, it is our pride to inform you that the Proving Grounds section will be opening in the League of Legends PH Forums. This section will allow teams to organize matches/scrim with other teams for practice and develop their skills! This section will also serve as a place where individuals can look for partners for ranked games.

Indeed, the seeds of competitiveness are now slowly growing. Along with numerous tournaments that are occurring across the country, we hope that with this feature that we can help players mature and grow to become great athletes that our country can be proud of. Who knows, maybe the next Philippine representatives might be crafted from this venture.

Skirmishes with GMs, Vanguards, and Councils might be organized in the future so watch out!

Our wishes are now becoming hopes. With this opening of roads of opportunity, hopes may become reality.

Rise up Filipino summoners!

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