The PGS Season Split
BY eSports Staff - February 08, 2014

The clock strikes midnight. Today, eight of the country’s aspiring League of Legends teams will take the chance to make it to the top as they fight their way against each other on the Pro Gaming Gaming Series – Season Split.

These teams are the ones who managed to make it through the difficult road that is the Challenger Tournaments and the Ranked Team Ladder. For one whole day, they will have to bring out their hidden skills and most-protected strategies as they face each other for the privilege of joining the country’s top LoL teams on the Pro Gaming Series – Spring Season proper starting this February.

The teams who will compete in the Season Split are as follows:
- Wargods (formerly Wargods MSI and Top 1 team on the NCR Challenger Tournaments)
- Dethrone (formerly Team Pogi and Top 2 team on the NCR Challenger Tournaments)
- Flappy Awesome (formerly Geared Force Team and Top 1 team on the North Luzon Challenger Tournaments)
- Insignia Cebu (formerly Choi Gaming and Top 1 team on the Cebu Challenger Tournaments)
- Legends OGC (Top 1 team on the Mindanao Challenger Tournaments)
- Acclaim (Top 1 team on the Iloilo Challenger Tournaments)
- Battle Camp (formerly We Love Kimchi and Top 1 on the Ranked Team Ladder as of Jan 21, 2014)
- Wargods Morayta (formerly NINJAMOVERS and Top 2 on the Ranked Team Ladder as of Jan 21, 2014)

The first part of the Season Split involves these eight teams battling it out on an all-out best-of-one knockout format elimination (single-elims). The two victorious teams at the end of the elimination round will then face the bottom two teams from the GPL Online Qualifier held last January – MSI Evolution Gaming Team and Decipher Team. The winner of these best-of-three matches will then get a slot at the PGS regular season starting this February.

For a more visual interpretation of the above mentioned Season Split format, you can check out the bracket image below which we’ll also update as the matches go by.

The Season Split starts at 2 PM. Though we will not be able to stream the matches live, we will still update you on the status of each match as the results come in.

At the end of the day, only two teams shall emerge victorious!



Round 1

Dethrone vs Insignia - Dethrone wins by default

Acclaim vs Wargods Morayta

Wargods vs Legends OGC

Flappy Awesome vs Battle Camp

Round 2

Wargods vs Battle Camp

Dethrone vs Acclaim