The Pro Gaming Series Kicks Off!
BY eSports Staff - February 12, 2014

The best and the brightest League of Legends teams from across the Philippines gather together to compete against each other for fame, glory and the privilege to represent the country as the GameX Pro Gaming Series kicks off this coming February 15, 2014

For the next eight weeks, teams CM Storm Gods, Imperium, Tt eSports Manila Eagles, Mineski, MSI EvoGT and Wargods will compete in weekly matches with the top team(s) in terms of win-loss score will represent the country in the Garena Premier League

The Pro Gaming Series kicks off on its first week with the following matches:

Date Match No. Blue Team   Red Team Result
February 15, 2014  1 - 17:00   Imperium Pro Team vs   Wargods BLUE TEAM WINS 
 2 - 18:00   Wargods vs   Imperium Pro Team BLUE TEAM WINS 
February 16, 2014   1 - 17:00   Mineski vs  CMStorm GoDs RED TEAM WINS 
 2 - 18:00   CMStorm GoDs vs  Mineski  BLUE TEAM WINS 

The Pro Gaming Series matches will be streamed live via the Garena PH eSports Twitch TV every Saturdays and Sundays – 5 to 7 PM with HD recordings uploaded on the Garena PH Youtube channel.