The Recap: Pro Gaming Series Week 1
BY Marion Louise Carlos - February 20, 2014
The country's premier League of Legends league, the Pro Gaming Series, kicked off with its 2014 Spring Season last week and the country's top teams did not let us all down as they have proven that they are indeed deserving to be called the best. 
Before we jump in into the PGS 2014 Spring Season - Week 2 this coming Saturday and Sunday, we'll give you a run down of the action-packed Week 1 games as well as our take on each of the teams' performance.
DAY 1: Imperium Pro Team (IPT) vs Wargods (WG)
Game 1

Both teams started the game passively allowing IPT to completely shutdown Wargod's midlane in the early game phase giving them an 800 gold advantage at 14 minute mark. IPT uses this advantage to secure their first dragon but Wargods catches up as Wargods JLC pushes the top lane taking down a turret in the process. With IPT Fears' clever mechanics, he took down two members of Wargods which helped IPT to continue dominating the game. At 21 minute mark, Wargods engages a teamfight resulting to a 3 to nothing exchange in their favor allowing them to take down the Baron and closing the gap to 1.4k still in favor of IPT.
IPT continues to engage into team fights with Wargods but a terrible engage from IPT Hatred allowed Wargods to do a counter engage resulting to a 1-1 exchange. IPT continues to lead the game by winning teamfights and objectives. The game lasted for 40 minutes still in favor of IPT, with all lanes pressured, IPT charges full force to their game-winning push against Wargods and just a bit short. IPT took the game.
What Imperium did right: 
- Taking the early phase on their hands and keep grasping it is something that IPT proved they can do, and because of their vision control over the map they were able to prevent possible ganks by Wargods allowing them to dominate the whole game till the end.
Where Wargods should improve on:
- Wargods needs to improve their laning phase. they need to be extra careful to prevent the enemy team from snowballing. During Game 1 IPT Light dominated the lane from snowballing during laning phase causing Wargods to struggle during later teamfights
Game 2

This game is a blood bath as both team's approach in the early game was very aggressive towards each other with constant ganks and teamfights. IPT Rebengga's consecutive failed ganks in the early game allowed Wargods to take the early lead with 1.6k gold advantage. IPT closes the gap immediately after WG engages into a sloppy teamfight losing 2 members giving IPT Fear a double kill. IPT's clever team mechanics allowed them to turn the tables as the managed to takedown turrets and kills giving them a gold lead of 1.6k at 14 minute mark but Wargods kept the gap close after winning the teamfight as they try to contest the dragon from IPT. Both teams continued to exchange kill, trading blows and taking down turrets, Wargods once again took the lead after winning a teamfight taking down five members of IPT earning 2k gold advantage and further taking control of the game as the gold gap widens. With 11k gold difference and an ace, Wargods pushed their way into IPT's base finishing the game with a score of 28-22.
What Wargods did right: 
- Aggressiveness in the early game giving IPT too much pressure plus the counter ganks by Wargods Stronger causing shutting down Rebengga in the jungle has been their key in owning this game topping it all up with good team coordination and picking the right target in a fight.
Where Imperium should improve on:
Imperium should improve their decision making, their decision to stay in the enemy territory caused them to get caught. They also need to focus on their positions during teamfights and what they need to do or prioritize, having IPT Fear killed first allowed Wargods to wipe them out and take the game.
DAY 2: Mineski (MSKI) vs CM Storm Diamond (CMS)
Game 1

Mineski aims to dominate day two of the Pro Gaming Series by starting off their first match against CM Storm Diamonds with aggression in all lanes allowing them to take an early advantage after securing their first uncontested dragon at 17 minute mark. Although CM Storm was able to tie the kills, secure two dragons and other objectives, the gold difference still remains at 4k in favor of Mineski. Mineski's aggression continued as they forced their way in the mid lane while putting pressure in other lanes, CM Storm counters the initiation but struggles in the teamfight losing three members and one inhibitor turret. Mineski took advantage of their lead and once again forces their way in but CM Storm passively defends their base, an ill-advised initiation from Mineski had caused them to lose the teamfight allowing CM Storm to get the Baron buff, Mineski defends their base but once again loses the team fight allowing CM Storm to take the game. 
Game 2

Both teams started the second match trading kills, Mineski was able to pressure all lanes with their aggression and ganks. At the 12 minute mark they were able to get the first dragon allowing them to have a 1k gold difference. Mineski continues taking down objectives as they led by 2k gold while CM Storm closes the gap with their fast back up rotation and unexpected ganks. CM Strom tries to contest the dragon against Mineski but failed. With an ace, a dragon and a triple kill from Mski.Exo, Mineski once again leads by 2k gold. CM Storm once again tied the game after CMStorm.Meme successfully steals Baron. and manages to turn the tables after CMStorm.Wiki catches Mski.Kaigu with a good shockwave forcing Mineski to a teamfight where they lost. Now in control of the game CM Storm was able to take the Baron Buff and Mski.Noelly, leading them to their game-winning push and once again CM Storm stand victorious.
What CM Storm did right:
- Taking the phase slowly but surely while doing team rotations very well and making the right decisions/target each time they initiate a clash or getting the objective they took control of the game.
What Mineski should improve on:
- Mineski should focus on their decision making skills and team coordination. One of the reasons they lost these games is due to poor engagements in team fights

Marion "Java" Carlos handles amateur tournaments for League of Legends PH and is also an avid follower of top LoL international leagues such as Korea's OGN and the NA/EU LCS.

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