Insights on GPL Spring - Week 2
BY Jay - February 25, 2014

The Week 2 of the Garena Premier League 2014 Spring Season saw the top rankings teams widening their lead, a possible sign of even more difficult weeks ahead for our bottom rankings teams. Even so, we are all still excited to see what happens for Week 3 and hopefully some of the teams currently at the bottom of the league standings can win some games and pick up the momentum they need.


Azubu Taipei Snipers vs Saigon Jokers

This game had a very unusual start as the game had very low casualty rate in the first 21 minutes, with a kill count of only 2:1 in favor of Azubu Taipei Snipers. The Snipers tried to be very agressive but probably due to a lot of miscommunication were not able to pick up that many kills. 

The game started to show action when a team fight erupted at the top lane with AZB TPS GodJJ (Sivir) picking up a triple kill in a 4 for 2 exchange in favor of Azubu Taipei Snipers. They then quickly decided to go take baron since AZB TPS Zonda (Dr. Mundo) was still at full health and could easily tank baron for the team. AZB TPS did not stop there, after going back to base to heal up and pick up some items, they began  to snowball putting pressure all over the map as well as control the jungle of the Saigon Jokers, forcing the latter to stay behind their turrets and resort to defending their base.

After the Azubu Taipei Snipers picked up the second baron they snatched up yet another two kills then pushed the top lane to close out the game, giving the Saigon Jokers their first loss in the 2014 Spring season. This victory for the Azubu Taipei Snipers now forces the Saigon Jokers to share with them the 2nd place spotlight in the group A standings.


After the 2nd Week of the GPL 2014 Spring Season, AHQ e-Sports Club (4-0) and Azubu Taipei Assassins (3-0) are now at the top of the Group A and Group B standings respectively. This is no surprise as these Tiawanese teams have been consistently at the top of the rankings even from previous seasons.

Azubu Taipei Snipers(3-1) and Saigon Jokers(3-1) are currently sharing the 2nd place in Group A, right behind the currently undefeated AHQ e-Sports Club this season. In Group B, the surprising Saigon Fantastic 5 (3-1) are still doing very good, dropping only a single game to the Tiawanese powerhouse team Azubu Taipei Assassins.   


Bangkok Titans (Group A - 5th)

Hailing from Thailand, the Bangkok Titans have been consistently part of the GPL since its first season being truly one of the top teams from their country. From last Winter season, finishing at the bottom of the Group B standings, they still seem to be having difficulty picking up any wins for themselves. Most of the members are still the same but they did pick up some new members and also did some role swaps hoping that maybe it may improve the performance in the fields of justice. Looking at thir current standing of 0-3, it looks like they have to make more adjustments and improve their strategies fast or else this will be another season that will slip through their hands.

Imperium Pro Teams (Group B - 6th)

Lots of players coming from the Philippines have had their eyes on this team since they have been a very strong local team for awhile now and this would be the first time most of its members will get to play in the GPL. The only member from IPT who participated before in the GPL is IPT Rebengga, being one of the original members of the Manila Eagles (MLE) during the first season of GPL back in 2012. IPT had a rough startwith back to back losses againts Insidious Gaming and Saigon Jokers. 

Things are now starting to look up for IPT as they nearly gave AHQ their 1st loss this season, as this was the only game AHQ did not dominate their competitors. IPT using a very intresting line-up gave  AHQ a run for their money all the way to mid-late game. AHQ though were able to out tank the IPT in the late game winning the last team fight with a great game coming from both teams. IPT may look like they are coming back into this season so keep your eyes out for this one.

TT eSports Manila Eagles (Group A 6th)

Gaining back their spot in the GPL after failing to qualify last Winter Season, it looked like the MLE were determined to show everyone that they can still go toe to toe with the big boys of Southeast Asia. Right now though, they have yet to win a game as they are still at the bottom of the Group B standings with 0-4 record. 

They seem to be out of focus and uncoordinated in their games doing fine at the first few minutes of their game trading evenly at kills at the early game. Every thing changes after losing 1 big teamfight, mostly due to objectives, this allows their opponents to just snowball the game away from them each and every time. The Manila Eagles have to stop making these early mistakes and need to clean up their team fight coordination if they still want to make it to the knockout stage. Lets see if they can address these problems and catch up with the other teams since its just too early to count them out just yet.

Jay is League of Legends PH's resident shoutcaster/analyst for the Garena Premier League and Pro Gaming Series.

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