The Recap: Pro Gaming Series Week 2
BY Marion Louise Carlos - February 27, 2014

The second week of the GameX Pro Gaming Series 2014 Spring Season pits the GPL teams Tt eSports Manila Eagles and the Imperium Pro Team against their fellow top League of Legends PH teams Wargods and CM Storm Diamond. Read below as resident analyst Marion Louise "Java" Carlos breaks down the week 2 games.

DAY 1: Wargods (WG) vs Tt eSports Manila Eagles (MLE)

Game 1

 TteSports Manila Eagles vs Wargods 
  MLE Chock   Mid  WG Trebor
 MLE Knut 
 Jungle  WG Stronger
 MLE H4T3   Top  WG JLC
 MLE Yukz  ADR  WG otchie
 MLE Tgee   Support  WG pOy

At 12 minute mark, MLE Knut's quick response towards their mid and bot lane while dealing so much damage gave them an advantage of 1.5k gold. MLE's Gold advantage against WG increased as they continue to secure objectives and win teamfights.The early part of the game between MLE and WG was action-packed with both teams continuously trading kills. All lanes have been very aggressive towards each other but WG struggles to maintain a thin marginal lead over MLE with their bot lane being pressured.

WG somehow manages to turn the tables around though partly due to MLE's bad decisions in initiating teamfights and securing objectives which started when they tried to invade WG's jungle and attempt to take the Baron as 4 members of WG tries to contest it.

WG JLC was left to farm too, giving him the chance to continue to farm resulting in an almost 250 minion kills in 30 min mark. MLE aware of the danger JLC possesses,  forced to push mid lane but lost the teamfight against WG allowing the latter to secure the baron buff. The subsequent push after the Baron buff led to WG's game-winning push on MLE. MLE's sloppy execution and game plan allowed WG to control and ended the game in their terms thereafter.

Game 2

 Wargods vs TteSports Manila Eagles
  WG Trebor  Mid  MLE Chock
 WG Stronger 
 Jungle  MLE Knut
 WG JLC   Top  MLE H4T3
 WG otchie ADR  MLE Yukz
 WG pOy   Support  MLE Tgee

The second match was a fast one, with both teams continuously trading kill, early ganks and objectives they were able to secure a total of 7 kills at the 6-minute mark.

Through the first 10 minutes, the game remained remarkably even with MLE getting a slight gold lead over their opponent but WG's clever engagements allowed them to take firm control of the game and manages to increase the gap against MLE.

With this advantage WG uses the same strategy of split pushing and putting pressure in all lanes MLE's attempt to contest the Baron against WG and losing the clash ended the game as they surrender giving WG a 2-0 in their match.

What Wargods did right:
- WG.JLC was able to dominate his lane from the early game and his decisions in choosing his targets during teamfights allowed WG to completely turn the tables around in this match.

What Manila Eagles should improve on:
- MLE needs to work on their team compositions and improve their decision making in terms of picking the correct champion lineup for their matches.

DAY 2: CM Storm Diamond (CMS) vs Imperium Pro Team (IPT)

Game 1

 CM Storm Diamond vs Imperium Pro Team
  Diamond Wiki   Mid  IPT Light
 Diamond Meme 
 Jungle  IPT Rebengga
 Diamond Toaster   Top  IPT Hero
 Diamond Maaaarky  ADR  IPT Fear
 Diamond Shura   Support  IPT Hatred

Both teams started the game defensively and passively trading blows on each lane. Not long after, CM Storm switches on their aggressive gameplay with their constant ganks in the bottom lane and their good laning phase really did give a little pressure in their opponent. CM Storm's aggressiveness in initiating teamfights gave IPT a good opportunity to get a good hold of the dragon and their other objectives allowing them to maintain a close gap between CM Storm.

IPT's good team rotations and brilliant initiations during teamfights allowed them to gear up and pile on the pressure against the enemy team while CM Storm struggles with their poor decision making and over commitment in taking objectives resulting the gap between the two teams to extend with the difference of 3.3k at 20 minute mark with 3-8 kills in favor of IPT

IPT continues to dominate the game with their amazing skill execution and teamplays and eventually the gold gap increases to nearly 9k. CM Storm still tries to catch up as they force some teamfights while IPT clears minion waves in other lanes, they somehow managed to close the gap with 7k gold difference. 

An ill-advised initiation coming from CM Storm as they try to contest the baron led IPT's turn to force push the mid lane taking over the nexus and claiming their victory in game 1.

Game 2

 Imperium Pro Team vs CM Storm Diamond
  IPT Light   Mid  Diamond Wiki
IPT Rebengga 
 Jungle  Diamond Meme
IPT Hero   Top  Diamond Toaster
IPT Fear  ADR  Diamond Maaaarky
 IPT Hatred   Support  Diamond Shura

Despite losing in the first game CM Storm proved that they won't falter and started the game quick and aggressive being able to immediately get their 1st blood by taking IPT.Fear's life. This aggressive gameplay continues in the first 7 minutes of the game, but IPT was able to catch up after winning a teamfight against CM Storm as they succeed in their attempt to get the dragon allowing them to have a 1k gold advantage against CM Storm. 

In the face of IPTs aggression, CM Storm responded well with a good engage and won the team fight although the gold lead remains the same. IPT's remarkable teamplay and good map control allowed them to secure kills and objectives.

As the late game approached, CM Storm desperately tried to find opportunities to catch IPT and hopefully turn the tables around in their favor but with 12k gold lead, IPT seems to have felt the the advantage was distinctly in their favor, they went for the Baron. CMStorm tried to contest the baron but failed, IPT gets the baron and aced CMStorm and rushed to their base and giving them their 2nd victory.

What Imperium Pro Team did right:
- Their good skill execution and amazing play during team fights has been their key in winning these matches.

What CM Strom Diamond should improve on:
- Over commitment in taking objectives and securing kills as well as poor decision making and skill execution.


Marion "Java" Carlos handles amateur tournaments for League of Legends PH and is also an avid follower of top LoL international leagues such as Korea's OGN, Southeast Asia's GPL and the NA/EU LCS.

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