CM Storm: Challenger Tournament – Happy, Twice in a Row!
BY GG Sphere - February 28, 2014

The recently concluded CM Storm: Challenger Tournament – Xyber 168 in Pangasinan last February 23, 2014, had 9 groups of Summoners who challenged one another to see who deserved to be called the Champion of the North. asdf sdf sdf sdf 



In the first round, Team Hey had to go against Dice in order to proceed to the next round. Round 2 was when the real matches began, as 8 teams competed against one another for challenger points and a cash prize pool of PHP 15,000. Yet as the event reached its finals, Pipit ni Dale and Flappy Happy were fated to settle the score.

The game continued to go back and forth, but to determine who will conquer the league, one must rise. In the end, it was Flappy Happy’s day as they defeated Pipit ni Dale straight to the end.

Overall Rankings in the Challenger Tournament – Pangasinan as of February 26, 2014:

  Team Name   Challenger Tournament Points
1 Wargods Happy 15
2 Pipit ni Dale 10
3 Team Solo Queue 5
4 Flappy Awesome 5
5 Team Hey 2
6 Team Pem 2
7 For Mother Russia 2
8 Marlinochie 2
Tally as of February 26, 2014

Congratulations Happy Flappy  for being the Champion of CM Storm Challenger Tournament- Xyber 168! Stay tuned and be updated. Visit Garena PH Esports site and EMERGE VICTORIOUS!

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