CM Storm: Challenger Tournament– Acclaim 2 On the Lead!
BY GG Sphere - February 28, 2014

The Battle for Supremacy emerged once again as 32 groups of summoners took the chance to get a share of PHP 16,000 cash prize pool and Challenger points in the recently concluded CM Storm Challenger Tournament – Decipher Cup Season 10.

In a Single Elimination format, with 2 different brackets, all teams have to face 5 rounds in order for them to reach the play offs. Finally, the real battle began as 8 teams for the play offs were revealed.

Acclaim 2, being consistent in the top tier matches, continued to show their dominance throughout the event. Yet, as Decipher team met Acclaim 2 in the Semi Finals, Acclaim 2 proved to the Ilonggo Summoners that they can’t be stopped by Team Decipher.

Beyond the shadow of doubt, Acclaim 2 once again reigned victorious as they fought against their rival team, Generation of Miracle. With a straight winning advantage, Acclaim 2 showed their supremacy once again in the fields of justice.

Overall Rankings in the Challenger Tournament – NCR as of February 26, 2014:


Team Name



Acclaim 2 


Generation of Miracle


Decipher Team


Hidden Apprentice




Genefreds Revenge


Bubble Boys


Sovereign of Elites


Congratulations Acclaim 2 for being the Champion of CM Storm Challenger Tournament- Decipher cup Season 10! Stay tuned and be updated. Visit Garena PH Esports site and EMERGE VICTORIOUS!


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