The Recap: Pro Gaming Series Week 3
BY Marion Louise Carlos - March 07, 2014

The third week of the GameX Pro Gaming Series 2014 Spring Season featured the MSI Evolution Gaming Team in their first match this season against the current leading team Wargods while on Day 2, long-time rivals Mineski and Tt eSports Manila Eagles face each other in what could be one of the most awaited matches this season. Read below as resident analyst Marion Louise "Java" Carlos breaks down the week 3 games.

DAY 1: Wargods (WG) vs MSI Evolution Gaming Team (MSI)

Game 1

 Wargods vs MSI Evolution Gaming Team
  WG Trebor   Mid  Lee Min Young
 WG Stronger 
 Jungle  GoodMemories
 WG JLC   Top  Crack The Code
 WG otchie  ADR  Issey Miyake 21
 WG pOy   Support  MSIevoGT Edj.TNC

Team Wargods and Team MSI started the game with their aggressive play style trading kills, ganks and turrets, this series of plays continues and ended at the 16min mark of the game  when Team MSI takes the lead after being able to take the first dragon. after the 1st dragon both teams sticks to their lanes but not long after, MSI extended their gold advantage against team WG to 2k after winning a teamfight and taking up their objectives.

At the 29min mark while Team MSI pushes the mid lane, WG.JLC (Gragas) initiate and casted a good Explosive Cask and follows up with his other teammates and picks up Issey Miyake (MSI's Marksman) that allowed Team WG to take control of the game and gives them the opportunity to get the baron. WG uses this advantage and forces their way in the MSI base but team MSI engages them and picks up 2 members of Team WG but because of the tankyness of WG.JLC (Gragas) and WG.Otchie's (Vayne) amazing mechanics, allowed them to scored an ace and claims to be the victor.

What WG did right:
- they stayed passive and made sure that they have calculated the results of every clash that they have been engaging into to make sure that they can keep the gap close and farm up to win.
What MSI should improve on:
- MSI should learn how to handle their lead against their enemies to secure and gain advantage up to the end of the game.

Game 2

 MSI Evolution Gaming Team vs Wargods
  MSIevoGT Oni.TNC   Mid  WG Trebor
 Jungle  WG Stronger
Crack The Code   Top  WG JLC
Issey Miyake 21  ADR  WG otchie
 MSIevoGT Edj.TNC   Support  WG pOy
WG's fail attempt to take the blue buff from MSI in addition to a bad miscommunication between the members caused them JLC's Life giving Crack the Code an early advantage in the top lane. MSI continues to dominate the game with their rotations while constantly getting objectives. WG continues to falter as the late game approaches without any oppportunity to catch up. MSI's superb positioning during teamfights led them to their victory over WG with the score of (1-1).
What MSI did right:
- MSI handled their lead against WG very well.
- Very good jungle rotations, ganks and positioning leads them to their victory.
What WG should improve on:
- WG should carefully think before they act. they're always caught off guard because of their aggressiveness.

DAY 2: TteSports Manila Eagles vs Mineski

Game 1

TteSports Manila Eagles vs Mineski
  TtSprt.MLE Chock   Mid  FROCED
 TtSprt.MLE H4T3 
 Jungle  LegenDaddi
 TtSprt.MLE Yukz   Top  Overspark
TtSprt.MLE Tgeee   Support  Carnivore Noelly
Mineski's successful ganks and securing their objectives very well allowed them to take the early lead against MLE, but MLE's good backup rotations and good defense to their 2nd tier turrets prevented Mineski to extend their gold lead and securing to pick 1 member of Mineski each time they try to engage a fight under a turret. MLE continues to close the gap and tries to contest the dragon against Mineski, with MLE.Yukz's good initiation, MLE successfully wins the fight and secure the Dragon, but Mineski did not let MLE to catch up to them. Mineski finds an opportunity to successfully engage in a teamfight against MLE and  chance to go for Baron. 
Mineski did not waste any minute and aggressively engages another teamfight with MLE taking 3 members and 2 turrets. The pressure continues and they forces their way in taking down the Mid inhibitor turret. MLE forces a clash allowing MLE.Marky to get a triple kill as MLE continues to catch up with a good engage against Mineski and winning the teamfight scoring  an Ace and securing the Baron, but Mineski stands still, an ill-advised clash engage from MLE causes Mineski to get 4 members of MLE, and a subsequent push from Mineski secures their win over this match.
What Mineski did right:
- Mineski takes control of the early phase by getting successfull ganks and taking objectives which makes them to take the advantage and less pressure throughout the game.
What MLE should improve on:
- MLE should try to focus on taking their objectives and to secure their surroundings to avoid early ganks and giving away objectives early on.

Game 2

 Mineski vs TteSports Manila Eagles
 FROCED   Mid  TtSprt.MLE Chock
 Jungle  TtSprt.MLE H4T3
Overspark   Top  TtSprt.MLE Yukz
Carnivore Noelly   Support  TtSprt.MLE Tgeee
Game 2 started with full respect from both team staying passive in their lanes. The silence stops at the 11 min mark when Mski engages MLE in the bottom lane but MLE did a beautiful counter engage that ended up with a 2 - 2 exchange. MLE's impressive skill execution allowed them to score an Ace and secure the Dragon, but Mineski's aggressiveness started to come out slowly as they engage a fight against MLE and attempts to take down a turret but fails as MLE Hat3 chased them.
A subsequent push after taking the dragon allowed Mski to put pressure in the mid lane but with MLE Tgee's astounding Death Sentence and MLE.Marky's amazing kiting skills, MLE managed to score an ace, secure the baron and completely took control over the game.
MLE forces their way in the opposing base at 38min mark of the game engages a teamfight and rise victorious in the second match.
What MLE did right:
- good skill executions and overall good mechanical skills leads them to their victory against Mineski.
What Mineski should improve on:
- Mineski needs to pay attention on the capabilities of the champions that they are up against. having Thresh on MLE's line up, Mski should pay more attention on their positioning to prevent MLE from engaging them unconciously with the Death Sentence.


Marion "Java" Carlos handles amateur tournaments for League of Legends PH and is also an avid follower of top LoL international leagues such as Korea's OGN, Southeast Asia's GPL and the NA/EU LCS.

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