The Recap: Pro Gaming Series Week 4
BY Marion Louise Carlos - March 13, 2014

The fourth week of the GameX Pro Gaming Series 2014 Spring Season featured Team Diamond (formerly CMStorm) facing GPL team TteSports Manila Eagles on Day 1 while on Day 2 bottom team MSI Evolution Gaming Team faced yet another GPL team Imperium. Read below as resident analyst Marion Louise "Java" Carlos breaks down the week 4 games.

DAY 1: Diamond vs TteSports Manila Eagles

Game 1

 Diamond vs TteSports Manila Eagles

  Diamond Resil 

 Mid  TtSprt.MLE Chock
 Diamond Meme 
 Jungle  TtSprt.MLE H4T3
 Diamond Toaster   Top  TtSprt.MLE Yukz
 Diamond Luxuria  ADR  TtSprt.MLE Marky
 Diamond Shura   Support  TtSprt.MLE Tgeee

MLE totally dominated and outplayed CM.Storm in this game with their superior laning phase and by taking their objectives very well, MLE manages to end the game at the 26min mark of the game.

What MLE did right:
- MLE had a very good start. dominating every lane and taking a good hold of their lead allowing them to be the victor of game 1.

What CM.Storm should improve on:
- CM.Storm should pick their champion match up wisely and must learn to execute their ganks / counter ganks as well.

Game 2

 Ttesports Manila Eagles vs Diamond
  TtSprt.MLE Chock   Mid  Diamond Resil
TtSprt.MLE H4T3 
 Jungle  Diamond Meme
TtSprt.MLE Yukz   Top  Diamond Toaster
TtSprt.MLE Marky  ADR  Diamond Luxuria
 TtSprt.MLE Tgeee   Support  Diamond Shura

Both teams played evenly in the early part of the game trading kills and getting their objectives. MLE manages to get the upper hand after destroying 2 turrets at once and continues to give pressure in all lanes. CM Storm Diamond's attempt to catch up with MLE has been put into waste after losing a teamfight due to their poor skill execution allowing MLE to take the Baron.

CM Storm's attempt to contest the Baron against MLE has been successful but once again put into waste after losing the teamfight allowing MLE to score an ace and take over their inhibitor turret extending the gold lead into 7k.

MLE.Hat3's striking initiation allowed MLE to score another ace after their successful attempt on stealing the dragon from CM Storm and once again took an inhibitor turret and gave them the opportunity of taking over the Baron.

At 30min mark, CM.Storm engages into a teamfight and loses as MLE continues to push through their base and took over their Nexus.

what MLE did right:
- good skill executions and having good decisions leads them to win this game against CM.Storm.

What CM.Storm should improve on:
- CM.Storm should improve their engages in terms of skill executions and positioning during teamfights to avoid giving the enemy team the opportunity to counter engage.


DAY 2: Imperium Pro Team vs MSI Evolution Gaming Team 

Game 1

Imperium Pro Team vs MSI Evolution Gaming Team 
  IPT Light   Mid  MSIevoGT Oni.TNC
 IPT Hero   Jungle  GoodMemories
 IPT Rebengga   Top  Mansit Palabon
IPT Fear  ADR  Issey Miyake 28
IPT Shadow   Support  Kansit Panton

Good rotations, ganks and focusing in their objectives helped MSI took the early lead in the game, but IPT's impressive counters and follow up engage allowed them to close the gap down to 600. The game continued with each team trading kills and after a few teamfights the game has been passive as both teams continues to farm up.

At 29min mark, An ill-manage initiation from GoodMemories resulted into IPT winning the teamfight and picked up 2 members of MSI, and inhibitor turret and an opportunity to get the Baron giving IPT a gold advantage of 4k.

IPT uses this advantage and pushes through the enemy base winning the last teamfight against MSI claiming the victory in this match.

What IPT did right:
-IPT takes their time wisely by slowly catching up and trading blows to make the lead in their favor.

-good teamfight coordinating skills allowed them to be the victor of this game.

What MSI should improve on:
-MSI should not waste their time by getting passive when the lead is in their favor to avoid the opposing team to catch up.

Game 2

 MSI Evolution Gaming Team  vs Imperium Pro Team
 MSIevoGT Oni.TNC   Mid  IPT Light
 Jungle  IPT Hero
Mansit Palabon   Top  IPT Rebengga
Issey Miyake 28  ADR  IPT Fear
Kansit Panton   Support  IPT Shadow
No replay available due to technical issues. 


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