Preview: PGS 2014 Spring Week 5
BY Geraldine De Guzman - March 13, 2014

This coming weekend, the GameX Pro Gaming Series 2014 Spring Season takes the action a notch higher as teams TteSports Manila Eagles and Imperium Pro Team face each other on Saturday for the first time since their debut in the Garena Premier League while on Sunday, teams Mineski and MSI Evolution Gaming Team will try to outlast each other where the victor shall lift themselves up from the bottom of the Pro Gaming Series season rankings.

Let's check out what these teams can bring into the table and what they could do to secure their most-coveted wins.

Saturday - March 15, 2014: Imperium Pro Team vs Manila Eagles

Though both teams placing at the bottom of the GPL rankings, this match will be the perfect opportunity for MLE and IPT to prove their dominance over each other in the local scene. In the previous PGS matches, Manila Eagles gave good fights winning 3 out of their 6 matches while Imperium Pro Team won 5 out of 6 matches. This shows that the odds are in favor of IPT's side, proving that they have what it takes to secure a near perfect season finish having lost only once so far to current ranked 2 team Wargods.

IPT's Keys to the Game:
• IPT Rebengga and IPT Hero switching roles has been effective so far based on the team's performance during the past week. This they need to focus on polishing more and they may find themselves blazing effortlessly towards a first place finish.
• IPT Light's agressiveness in the the lane
• IPT is know for unorthodox champion selection so it adds an element of surprise, striking fear of the unknown to their opponent 

MLE's Keys to the Game:
• MLE needs to react fast to new strategy or champion composition from IPT. Doing so effectively may give them that win.
• Shut down Light and Fear, shut down IPT.
• Always group up in team fights and never let their teammates stray too far

Sunday - March 16, 2014: Mineski vs MSI Evolution Gaming Team

Mineski and MSI Evolution Gaming Team are tied at the bottom of our Pro Gaming Series rankings and this coming Sunday, we'll see how these two teams will perform in the hopes of redeeming themselves.

Mineski's Keys to the Game:
• Constant focus on securing objectives have so far proven to produce good results for Mineski (the team have so far won 4 out of their 5 games, all with them picking up those important objectives)
• Avoid being too aggressive and over extending in their lane

MSI's Keys to the Game:
• Their bottom is their strong lane and it failing will be of great cost to them
• Take great care on executing ganks on the part of the jungler
• Constant teamwork


Week 5 games start at 5 PM this coming Saturday - March 15, 2014. Watch the matches live on the Garena PH eSports Twitch channel