Exit in Style: MLE Wins Over SGS
BY eSports Staff - March 15, 2014

A more than 15000 gold lead and 16-30 score victorious game marked the end of the TteSports Manila Eagles' road in the Garena Premier League 2014 Spring Season. Though not qualifying in this season's quarter finals, the country's representative team (alongside Imperium Pro Team) to Southeast Asia's premier League of Legends league finished off in style, denying the Singapore Sentinels a win.

In comparison to their almost 70 minute victory against NFL, the Eagles were able to show a more convincing win this time, their talons grabbing a well-deserved win from the Sentinels in a dominating fashion. On the early parts of the game, SGS got their objectives by getting the first blood but it seems that miscommunications on their side gave them a disadvantage on most team fights, something that the Eagles took into advantage giving them a path straight to victory.

Singapore Sentinels vs TteSports Manila Eagles
  SGS Chawy   Mid  TtSprt.MLE Chock
 SGS DDan 
 Jungle  TtSprt.MLE Knut
 SGS BeNw   Top  TtSprt.MLE Yukz
SGS Kryonics  ADR  TtSprt.MLE H4T3
SGS HarLeLuYar   Support  TtSprt.MLE Tgeee

Game Highlights:

• Manila Eagles' took advantage of their map control advantage and used it to plan their jungle ambushes well and picking up key targets
• Great positioning from MLE H4T3 (Lucian) gave him huge advantage and had him landing big damage with The Culling (ultimate)
• MLE Knut's (Lee Sin) agressiveness and perfect timing when it comes to ganking lanes
• Aggressive hooks from MLE Tgee (Blitzcrank) catch victims off guard or kept them out of position for team fights
• Manila Eagles continued to stick to their objective, taking turrets and dragons consecutively

You can check out the full replay of the match below: