The Recap: Pro Gaming Series Week 5
BY Geraldine De Guzman - March 18, 2014

The fifth week of the GameX Pro Gaming Series 2014 Spring Season featured GPL teams Imperium Pro Team and Manila Eagles last Saturday and Mineski going against MSI Evolution Gaming Team for the Sunday match.

Day 1: Imperium Pro Team(IPT) vs Ttesports Manila Eagles(MLE)

Game 1

 TteSports Manila Eagles vs Imperium Pro Team
  TtSprt.MLE Chock   Mid  IPT Light
 TtSprt.MLE H4T3 
 Jungle  IPT Hero
 TtSprt.MLE Yukz   Top  IPT Rebengga
 TtSprt.MLE Marky  ADR  IPT Fear
TtSprt.MLE Tgeee   Support  IPT Shadow

The action unfolded early during the game with the first blood being taken by IPT Fear (Draven) by killing MLE Tgeee (Morgana) at the 3 minute mark and by few minutes. But a team fight near the Dragon area along with a gank from both team's jungler came up and through a quick response from MLE Chock (Lulu), MLE was able to secure 3 kills to none advantage, a 5k gold lead and a Dragon as well. IPT Rebengga (Gragas) on the other hand did a very good job of keeping the gold equal through constant farming and getting during mid-game. At the 27-min mark, a team fight on IPT's mid 2nd-level Turret happened but IPT wasn't able to defend it and even sacrificed three champions in the process. MLE, knowing that by IPT can gain advantage as the game drags on, ends the game early at 35min mark.

What MLE did right:
- MLE kept focused on game objectives.
- MLE Chock(Lulu) and MLE Tgeee(Morgana) did a good job of protecting the carries specially MLE Marky (Sivir)

What IPT should improve on:
- IPT was dominating on the first few minutes of the game but once it goes to the mid game they started to lose focus and miss their objectives. Consistency is very much needed on the part of the players.
- IPT Fear's (Draven) has an aggressiveness playstyle but should know when to push through as well as when to disengage.

Game 2

 Imperium Pro Team vs TteSports Manila Eagles
 IPT Light   Mid  TtSprt.MLE Chock
 IPT Hero 
 Jungle  TtSprt.MLE H4T3
IPT Rebengga   Top  TtSprt.MLE Yukz
 IPT Fear  ADR  TtSprt.MLE Marky
IPT Shadow   Support  IPT Shadow

In the first parts of the game, IPT and MLE had a really close fight but at the 16-minute mark it all turned around in favor of IPT when they had a clash in the baron pit. IPT, having good positioning left MLE choked out resulting in an unofficial ace. By 21min mark, yet another team fight in the dragon's Pit occured, though MLE stole the Dragon they ended up with a 5 for 3 exchange plus costing them a mid lane tower. Around 27-min mark, It would have dragged longer had it not been for a baron pit clash between the teams that ended up with IPT getting the clear advantage (3 for 1 exchange) allowing them to push straight to MLE's nexus and win the game despite MLE's resistance.

What IPT did right:
- Banning the support champions for the Carry
- IPT saw MLE Marky as a threat so they had to shut him down in the bottom.

What MLE should improve on:
- MLE Marky having the potential to snowball thus had the eyes of their opposing team fixed on him should be more careful of his movements around the map as he was caught twice

Day 2: Mineski vs MSI Evolution Gaming Team

Game 1

 MSI Evolution Gaming Team vs Mineski
  MSIevoGT Oni   Mid  Mineski xKaigu
 MSIevoGT Kuppzi 
 Jungle  Mineski Wendell
MSIevoGT Shi Shi   Top  Mineski Snowy
MSIevoGT Krl  ADR  Mineski Xoxo
MSIevoGT Edjill   Support  Mineski CeDxD

First blood was taken by MSKI Snoy (Lulu) killing MSI EvoGT Shi Shi (Renekton). Around 10 min mark, a team fight in the bottom lane cost the life of MSI EvoGT Edji (Janna) and MSI EvoGT Kppz (Wukong) plus the first dragon going to Mineski. A good turn-around team fight in the top jungle went in favor of MSI EvoGT by getting 4 champions of Mineski leaving MSKI Wen (Kha'Zix) barely alive. Mineski quickly gained back those kills by getting the life of 3 MSIevoGT members in a clash on the bottom lane leaving MSI EvoGT Krl (Vayne) barely alive as well. Though left behind with a gold difference of 11k, MSIevoGT kept to their objectives of getting objectives. It was the clash in MSI EvoGT's mid 3rd turret that closed the gold gap to 2k when they got an ACE for none exchange against Mineski. By 41 min mark, MSI decided to take baron and go straight to Mineski's nexus.

What MSI did right:

- MSI champion picks scales high into the late game and them stalling the game up to the 40 minute mark gave them a huge advantage

What Mineski should improve on:
- Mineski had an advantage on the early game but then they lost coordination as the game drags on

Game 2

Mineski vs MSI Evolution Gaming Team
  Mineski xKaigu   Mid  MSIevoGT Oni
 Mineski Wendell 
 Jungle  MSIevoGT Kuppzi
 Mineski Snowy   Top  MSIevoGT Shi Shi
Mineski Xoxo  ADR  MSIevoGT Krl
Mineski CeDxD   Support  MSIevoGT Edjill

Due to MSI EvoGT's over extending in the lane, Mineski got 5 kills compared to 1 on the first 15mins of the game. Most of the preceding mini clash was also in favor of Mineski due to huge damage that they can't handle especially from MSKI Exo(Vayne), MSKI Wen(Kha'Zix) and MSKI Snoy(Jax). By 23 min mark, Mineski was able to get the Baron and Dragon without MSI contesting putting them ahead with a 12k gold lead which eventually gave them the chance to end the game on 29min mark.

What Mineski did right:
- Mineski did a very good job of being aggressive on all lanes earning them none of their turrets destroyed. This time, they took their aggressiveness all throughout the game always engaging as a group.

What MSI should improve on:
- MSI rely too much on their late game potential and should focus more on objectives.


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