GPL 2014 Spring - Quarter Finals Start
BY eSports Staff - March 19, 2014

The Garena Premier League 2014 Spring Season group stages have just concluded, but the action is far from over as we head on to the Quarter Finals which shall begin this week.

The schedule for the much-anticipated matches are as follows:

Time Date Blue Team Red Team
18:00 GMT+8 19/3/2014 ahq E-sports Club Singapore Sentinels
18:00 GMT+8 21/3/2014 Saigon Fantastic Five Saigon Jokers
18:00 GMT+8 26/3/2014 Azubu Taipei Snipers yoe FlashWolves
18:00 GMT+8 28/3/2014 Azubu Taipei Assassins Insidious Gaming

All the matches will be Best of 5, with the 5th game (in case of tie) will be Blind Pick.

Side-drawing ceremony for Quarter Finals can be found in this link.


Looking at the teams based on their standings on the group stages, there is a very high chance that the Taiwanese teams Azubu Taipei AssassinsAzubu Taipei Snipers, yoe FlashWolves and Ahq e-Sports Club will once again exert their dominance and blast their way effortlessly into the Semi-Finals round.

Of course their opponents in the likes of Singapore’s Singapore Sentinels and Insidious Gaming as well as Vietnam’s Saigon Fantastic Five and Saigon Jokers are no push-overs so they cannot let their guard down or else we may see some huge upsets in the early stages of the eliminations.


The most interesting of matches would most probably be the first round match between sibling teams Saigon Jokers and Saigon Fantastic Five. Although the Saigon Jokers had been a strong contender in the GPL, they have been very inconsistent in terms of performance over the past few Spring Season months.

The Saigon Fantastic Five, on the other hand, has absolutely shown that they are very much a different them as compared to the previous Winter Season. SF5 finished 2nd in the group stage this season, compared to last season were they finished at the bottom of their group tied with BKT. SF5 being such an underdog coming into this Spring Season showed great improvements on team play, map control and rotations.

Don’t forget to tune in for the next two weeks to find out if the reigning champions - Azubu Taipei Assassins will be back to back Champions or will another team rise up to the challenge. 

You can watch the games live on the Garena PH eSports Twitch Channel