PGS: Final Sprint to the Finish Line
BY Geraldine De Guzman - March 22, 2014

The days grow closer to the end of the GameX Pro Gaming Series 2014 Spring Season and our country's top League of Legends teams are now on their final sprint to the finish line. With only a few games left for each them, these teams must now bring out their best strategies and work hard towards those much-coveted victories. Join us as we discuss about the odds for each team as they enter the final weeks of the Spring Season:


First of all let's explain the PGS pointing system: Each team competes with an opposing team on two games (one with them at the blue side and one at the opposite/red side). Winning both games gives a team 3 points while winning one game gives both teams 1 point each. Winning none of the two games gives a team 0 points.


Current Points

Total Games Played
 Imperium 8 8
 Wargods 5 6
 Manila Eagles 5 8
 Diamond 3 6
Mineski 2 6
 MSI EvoGT 2 6


 Imperium Pro Team

Standing so far: IPT, gathering 8 points from 8 games can secure the top spot if they will win the last 2 games against Mineski. Should they dominate Mineski, they will earn 3 points and end up with an 11 Points - 10 games score enough for them to cement their position as this season's top PGS team. However, getting a 1-1 score on this match would spell out a chance for Wargods to either tie with them or totally overtake them for a first place finish.

Odds: Taking into consideration IPT's currently playstyle, GPL experience and Mineski's performance in the season so far, PGS shoutcaster Jay is giving Imperium a 90% chance of winning this final match-up and secure the top spot. But a 10% chance of losing still remains should IPT not able to face Mineski's rather clean group fights.


Standing so far: WG, on the other hand, gathered 5 points from 6 games means they still have a quite a high chance of taking the top spot and overtake Imperium Pro Team if ever they will get perfect wins on the remaining 4 matches against Mineski and Diamonds as well as should Imperium lose even one of their games against Mineski. However, should IPT win both their games against Mineski, Wargods can still hope for a tie-breaker game as long as they defeat both Mineski and Diamonds. Otherwise, the best they can get at is a 2nd place finish or worst-case, a tie-breaker game with TteSports Manila Eagles.

Odds: Wargods has a huge advantage when it comes to their match with Mineski when it comes to communication but they should be careful though as this team is know to be very aggressive in the early game. With Mineski's Season 3 World Championships experience up their sleeves, Wargods should not underestimate their opponent.

As for their game against Diamond, Wargods has a higher chance of winning if taking Diamond's current performance. However, the rule of never underestimating their opponents still stand as Diamond has shown to be the team we never expected them to be when they defeated not once, but twice in their match during Spring Season - Week 1.

 TteSports Manila Eagles

Standing so far: MLE, having acquired 5 points from 8 games is still trying to get ahead but the challenge will be this: they would need to fully dominate MSI Evolution Gaming Team to score 3 points (for a total of 8 points for the season) in order to have a chance to place 1st should both IPT and WG fail to win in their last preceding matches. Should MLE fail, it can spell only one of two things: they have a chance of placing on second/third place or being overtaken by all the other teams with a probability of failing to qualify automatically for Summer Season (if anyone among Mineski, Diamond or MSI overtakes them on the 3rd-4th place).

Odds: The Eagles have shown huge improvement ever since their last fight in the Garena Premier League and given the team that they are against with is MSI, PGS Commissioner Reginald "GG Reijin" Liao is giving this team a 60% chance of making it in the top 1 and 2 while 80% chance for making it in the top 3 or 4 spot. For MLE, failure should never be an option this time.


Standing so far: Diamond, scoring 3 points from the 6 matches that they had should not lose hope as they still have 2 matches  remaining (with MSI EvoGT and Wargods). However, chances are quite low for Diamond in terms of a first place season finish considering that they would have to win both these matches as well as hope that IPT, MLE and WG all lose their succeeding matches (which may be quite far-fetched).

Odds: Looking from one of our analyst's perspective, with their passive playstyle ever since their AD Carry Diamond Marky (now MLE Marky) left their roster and given the teams that they are against with, they have a very thin thread that connects them to the top 3 or 4 and the odds would be 50% of being in the top 4. They should get their acts together and be aggressive as both teams, Mineski and MSI are known to be very aggressive in their playstyle.


Standing so far: Mineski, on the other hand is included in the bottom two with a score of 2 points out of 6 games. For all the Mineski fans out there, you can still hold your heart as they have 2 matches remaining (against Wargods and against Imperium) left so if ever they'll do good and win all those 4 games they'll be rewarded with 6 more points (total 8) which means a chance for them to make it to the top 2 or 3 spot.

Odds: Our resident analyst Marion Louise "GG.Java" Carlos gives a split chance for Mineski on their upcoming matches. Against Wargods, Mineski has a quite lower chance of winning considering Wargods' much-developed team communication. However, Mineski has quite a higher chance to win against Imperium Pro Team if they can find a way around the latter's shocking playstyles and champion picks.

 MSI Evolution Gaming Team

Standing so far: MSI, with 2 points out of 6 games is still not yet out of the league, though the challenge for them will be similar to that of Mineski who will have to win all of their next two matches (against the Manila Eagles and Diamond) or risk being dropped out for the second time into the PGS Summer Promotion on late April together with the Challenger Tournament teams.

Odds: Looking at their playstyle and the teams blocking their way to the top, one of our resident analyst thinks that their odds of winning against Diamond is pretty high 60% since Diamond's taking into account the drop in performance on Diamond's part after their former ADR's team transfer. Odds of winning the game against Manila Eagles though is on a low 30% chance given the way Manila Eagles play their game the past few weeks.


The sixth week of the GameX Pro Gaming Series 2014 Spring Season will give way again this weekend as 4 teams try to redeem their pride and claim grandeur as their prize.

Saturday - March 22, 2014: Wargods vs Mineski

Mineski's experience in the international scene and fghting with the world renowned pro teams will not guarantee a win in the PGS but still we shouldn't underestimate them as they might bring something on the table never yet seen before. Wargods, on the other hand, has already proven themselves worthy of their spot in our Pro Gaming Series when they beat Manila Eagles with a burning 2-0 in the second week of our Pro Gaming Series and giving Imperium Pro Team a run for their money when they denied them of a perfect score during their first game back in Week 1.

Wargods' Key to the Game:
• WG's top laner WG JLC is a force to be reckoned with. Give him a chance to farm and build up then he'll surely carry the team to victory
• Team coordination is presently active in most of their matches, they just need to execute it properly

Mineski's Key to the Game:
• Mineski is noted to be very aggressive when it comes to early game, they usually get the objectives ahead of their opponent but they shouldn't lose focus when it comes to Mid and Late game
• Shut down JLC and Trebor and their chances of winning will rise exponentially


Sunday - March 23, 2014: MSI Evolution Gaming Team vs Diamond

MSI Evolution Gaming Team like Mineski has already been to an international competition before so we shouldn't also take them lightly but Diamond's is also noted of beating Mineski with a head on 2-0 on Week 1 making them yet another formidable enemy.

MSI Evolution Gaming Team's Key to the Game:
• Their bottom is their strong lane and it failing will be of great cost to them
• Take great care on executing ganks on the part of the jungler
• Constant teamwork

Diamond's Key to the Game:
• A wider diversity in terms of the champion pool could help them considering that they have quite a limited one right now
• Shut down MSIevoGT Krl


Week 6 games start at 5 PM this coming Saturday - March 22, 2014. Watch the matches live on the Garena PH eSports Twitch channel