The Recap: Pro Gaming Series Week 6
BY Marion Louise Carlos - March 27, 2014

The sixth week of the GameX Pro Gaming Series 2014 Spring Season featured team Wargods going against the Season Three World Finalist Mineski last Saturday and MSI Evolution Gaming Team going against Diamond for the Sunday match.

Wargods vs Mineski

Game 1

 Mineski vs Wargods
  Mineski xKaigu   Mid  WG Trebor
 Mineski Wendell 
 Jungle  WG Stronger99999
 Mineski Snowy   Top  WG JohnLloydCruz
 Mineski Xoxo  ADR  WG otchiie
Mineski xJulz   Support  WG Poysanity

Game 1 started with both teams trading kills and every lane farming up until the 10min mark arises as JLC goes down the mid lane backing up WG.Trebor and WG.Stronger allowing him to end up 2 members of Mineski and gets himself a Double Kill and the opportunity for them to get the Dragon resulting a 1k gold lead from Team Wargods. Mineski tried to even the gold gap but with Team Wargods very good rotations, excellent hold on their objectives and WG.Trebor's insane mechanics,Wargods forces Mineski to surrender and be the victor of this game.

What Wargods did right:
- Wargods stayed passive focussing only by farming and getting a good hold on their objectives to ensure and strenghtens their siege team composition.

What Mineski should improve on:
- Mineski should know when to execute their skills properly in terms of teamfight and prioritize their objectives.

Game 2

 Wargods vs Mineski
 WG Trebor   Mid  Mineski xKaigu
WG Stronger99999 
 Jungle  Mineski Wendell
 WG JohnLloydCruz   Top  Mineski Snowy
 WG otchiie  ADR  Mineski Xoxo
WG Poysanity   Support  Mineski xJulz

Wargods proves that they are really the 2nd top team in PGS by showing Mineski their good mechanical skills and Teamplays allowing them to get the lead. Wargods realizes that Mineski is overcommited to their Top Lane and to get a kill so they decided to take that chance to extend their gold lead and at the 22min mark, Wargods engages  Mineski and scored an Ace allowing them to take down the Nexus and gets their 2nd win over Mineski.

What Wargods did right:
- WG manages to play their cards right by abusing their advantage over mineski.

What Mineski should improve on:
- Mineski should  avoid overcommitting to get a kill and to push a lane allowing Wargods to get an advantage.

MSI Evolution Gaming Team vs Diamond

Game 1

 MSI Evolution Gaming Team vs Diamond
  MSIevoGT Oni   Mid  Diamond Sharks
 MSIevoGT Kpz 
 Jungle  Diamond Marysel
 MSIevoGT Shi Shi   Top  Diamond Carni
 MSIevoGT Krl  ADR  Diamond Mint
MSIevoGT Edjil   Support  Diamond Shuraka

CMStorm starts the game with an early aggression and successfully steals MSI's blue buff. But eventhough CMStorm managed to take the early advantage because of the steal, MSI.Kpz still cannot be stopped with his rotations and by focusing ganks on the mid lane helping MSI.Oni to snowball. With MSI's good control over the map and with their excellent rotations,MSI.Oni continued to snowball and takes a hold to their objectives very well.

At the 29min mark of the game, MSI decides to get the Baron but CMStorm did not let them get it easily and tries to steal the Baron from MSI. Team MSI emerges victorious from the Baron contest and takes down 4 members of CMStorm allowing them to push towards the Nexus and get their victory over CMStorm.

What MSI did well:
- Excellent Team and Jungle rotations.
- Very good laning phase even though the bot lane has been countered by CMStorm.

What CMStorm should improve on:
- They should know the right time when to engage and disengage specially if they know that the opposing team has the upper hand.

Game 2

 Diamond vs MSI Evolution Gaming Team
  Diamond Sharks   Mid  MSIevoGT Oni
 Diamond Marysel 
 Jungle  MSIevoGT Kpz
 Diamond Carni   Top  MSIevoGT Shi Shi
Diamond Mint  ADR  MSIevoGT Krl
Diamond Shuraka   Support  MSIevoGT Edjil

Game 2 started with both teams trading kills and playing passively. this trade continues up to the mid game until CMStorm gets the kill score advantage allowing them to get a 1k gold lead against MSI. with CMStorm.Marysel's good use of his ultimate and dragon steal, CMStorm manages to hold and extends the gold lead allowing other members to farm up. An ill managed Baron attempt from MSI allowed CMStorm to have an excellent set up against them allowing CMStorm to score an Ace and the Baron. And at the 32min mark of the game, while MSI regoups in the mid lane, CMStorm.Marysel (Pantheon) once again manages to execute an excellent Grand Sky Fall and also a follow up from his team allowing them to wipe out team MSI and the opportunity to close the game.

What CMStorm did right:
- CMStorm manages to fill up their mishaps on the 1st game allowing them to tie the score against MSI. ( 1-1 )

What MSI should improve on:
- MSI should improve their calls / decision making skills.


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