The PGS Summer Promotion Happening Soon
BY eSports Staff - April 11, 2014

With the GameX Pro Gaming Series 2014 Spring Season done, we'll leave you not to boredom as we jump into the Summer Promotion Tournament on April 26 to May 4. In the Promotion tournament, the six best teams from the League of Legends Challenger Tournaments and the top two teams from the LoL PH Ranked Team Challenger Tier go against each other in two days of non-stop Rift action. The winning teams shall then face the bottom two teams from the Spring Season: MSI Evolution Gaming Team and Mineski. The two victors shall then receive the honor of qualifying for the GameX Pro Gaming Series 2014 Summer Season where they will go head-to-head against the best League of Legends teams in the country.


The following teams are qualified on the Summer Promotion Tournament via the Challenger Tournaments:

Challenger Tournaments - NCR
- Dethrone

Challenger Tournaments - Iloilo
- Acclaim 2
- Generation of Miracle

Challenger Tournaments - Mindanao
- Fist Comeback Cats

Challenger Tournaments - North Luzon
- Meedo Ghub wins the tie-breaker game against Wargods Rage - REPLAY


The chance to qualify for the PGS 2014 Summer Promotion through the Ranked Team (5v5) Challenger Tier draws near to its close as we set the cut-off on April 18, 2014 - 11:59 PM. Selection will be based on the following qualifications:

1) The top two teams in the LoL PH Ranked Team - Challenger Tier by April 18, 2014 - 11:59 PM
2) Team(s) will not be selected if:

       a. Has one or more member part of the official active roster* of the following teams:

i. Imperium Pro Team
ii. Wargods
iii. TteSports Manila Eagles
iv. Diamond
v. Mineski
vi. MSI Evolution Gaming Team

b. Special consideration may be provided wherein any of the PGS team above may have a second team which would be composed of select players from the main team (not all players). In which case, PGS committee will qualify/allow such team provided that the players transferred to the second team will not be allowed to play for the first team on the Summer Season.

3) The next team in terms of ranking will be selected in case of non-qualification.
4) In the case wherein there would not be enough qualified teams in the Ranked Team Challenger tier to fill up the two slots allocated, they will be given to the Second Team on the North Luzon Challenger Tournaments (in terms of points) and the Second Team on the Mindanao Challenger Tournaments (in terms of points) in that order of priority.

*official active roster is defined as the list of players submitted by the team to the Pro Gaming Series committee and on record as of April 4, 2014

Qualified teams will be contacted separately by the PGS/Garena Staff with regards to arrangements on the Summer Promotion Tournament

Keep yourself updated on the PGS Season Split by checking the Garena PH eSports website and the Pro Gaming Series website regularly.