GPL 2014 Summer Season Fires Up On June 11
BY eSports Staff - June 05, 2014

On June 11, 2014,  just a few days from now, Southeast Asia's best League of Legends teams will meet head-to-head once more as the Garena Premier League 2014 Summer Season kicks off. With the days drawing near, a few questions still remain:


IPT will have a much better jungle rotations and teamplays because of the new addition to their roster which is Kaigu. Kaigu's experience from the worlds may help team IPT to execute better plays which can also allow them to have a higher chance of winning in this GPL season.

- Local eSports scene analyst Marion "GG.Java" Carlos on IPT's chance to win this GPL

After barely a month of operation, the Imperium brand surprised the local scene by starting an e-Sports division. Acquiring one of the best unsigned talents available in League of Legends PH, the Imperium Pro Team was formed after striking a deal with Team Exile, the Season 3 Philippine champions. Since its inception in January of this year, the team has shown a dominating performance in various local tournaments as well as the Pro Gaming Series 2014 Winter and Spring Seasons to consistently qualify for the Garena Premier League.

With their poor performance in their first appearance in the GPL 2014 Spring Season, the question remains on whether Imperium can finally conquer the other teams and bring home the 2014 Summer Season title. With a new improved and stronger roster that features Season 3 World Championship finalist Lance "IPT Kaigu" Hernandez, it may be the chance they have been waiting for.

Imperium Pro Team F (Fury) Roster

Jordan "Hero" Pamintuan Lance "Kaigu" Hernandez Roybie "Light" Segovia Jyro "Fear" Pascual Rogie "Shadow" Dela Cruz


They need to focus on their teamwork  and to coordinate more than what they are doing right now. They should focus on supporting their Top and Mid lanes as these are their strongest players.

- Marvin "MLE Chock" Mansilungan of TteSports Manila Eagles on what Wargods should focus on to win GPL

A relatively new team in the local pro scene, the Wargods decided to pick up a very talented amateur team to form their very own eSports team. Since they formed they picked up a few more players that had incredible talents from local amatuer tournaments to solidify their team. Since the start of 2014 they have picked up four championship titles in various local tournaments and continued to dominate as they participated in the GameX Pro Gaming Series 2014 Spring Season with an almost perfect score, second only to that of Imperium. As they embark in their biggest challenge yet to test their skills against SEA's best, only time as well as their combined effort as a team can tell how they will fare.

Wargods Pro Team Roster

Jaiby "JLC" Paglingayen Ron "Stronger" Tan Robert Dan "Trebor" Mansilungan Zues "Suez" Lee Jesse Florence "Poysanity" Hieras Robert Conrad "Otchie" Pascual

You can watch as the action unfolds as we broadcast the Garena Premier League 2014 Summer Season games live starting June 11, 2014 at the Garena PH eSports Twitch and Youtube channels. Check out the full Week 1 schedule below:

Date Match No. Blue Team   Red Team Result
June 11, 2014  1 - 18:00   Saigon Jokers vs   Imperium Pro Team
 2 - 19:00   ahq Fighter vs   Azubu Taipei Assassins  
 3 - 20:00   Machi E-Sports vs  ahq E-sports Club   
 4 - 21:00   Saigon Fantastic Five vs   Wargods  
June 12, 2014   1 - 18:00   Saigon Fantastic Five vs  Neolution E-sports Full Louis  
 2 - 19:00   Neolution E-sports Full Louis vs  Insidious Gaming Rebirth  
 3 - 20:00  Bangkok Titans vs   Insidious Gaming Legends  
 4 - 21:00  Imperium Pro Team vs  Azubu Taipei Assassins  
June 13, 2014    1 - 18:00   Saigon Jokers vs  Bangkok Titans  
 2 - 19:00   ahq Fighter vs   Insidious Gaming Legends  
 3 - 20:00   Machi E-Sports vs  Insidious Gaming Rebirth  
 4 - 21:00    Wargods vs  ahq E-sports Club