The Recap: Pro Gaming Series Week 1 - Summer Season
BY GG Java - July 02, 2014

The opening week of the GameX Pro Gaming Series 2014 Summer Season featured team Wargods going against the Previous Season's top the Imprerium Pro Team last Saturday and Manila Eagles going against Mineski for the Sunday match.

Mineski vs Wargods

Game 1 (Due to some time issue, IPT didnt managed to be online on the said time. WG wins by default)

Game 2


 Mineski vs Wargods
  WG Trebor   Mid  IPT Light
 WG Stronger 
 Jungle  IPT Kaigu
 WG JLC   Top  IPT Hero
 WG suEz  ADR  IPT Fear
WG Poysanity   Support  IPT Shadow

A battle between the 2 top spot holders of the previous PGS, both teams are on defense at the start of the game but after the leash to each teams junglers an action from the top lane ignites, as the duo of WG and IPT battle it out on the top lane allowing WG.Suez to take the first blood giving him an early advantage against IPT in terms of laning.  The game continues by trading kills on each team but as the game progressed, Team IPT's stand begins to fall as they failed to get their objectives and poor engages allowed team WG to take the lead. And on the 27min mark of the game, IPT engages WG but because of team WGs excellent skill follow ups and proper positioning, team WG manages to win the fight and gets the opportunity to get their 3rd Dragon.  The 30min mark arises,  an ill manage engage coming from IPT allowed team WG to get 4 members of Team IPTs lives resulting them to cast their vote to surrender which also gives WG to be the victor of this game.


Manila Eagles vs Mineski

Game 1 

 Manila Eagles vs Mineski
  Ttsprt.MLE Chock   Mid  MSKI YUME
 Ttsprt.MLE H4T3 
 Ttsprt.MLE Yukz   Top  Mski Noel
Ttsprt.MLE Tgee   Support  MSKI CED


Both teams started the game with different styles, MLE on offense to snatch the red buff but MSKI know MLE's plan and defends it ending with a 2 - 1 exchange in favor of Team MLE.  MLE manages to extend their lead and keeps the gold rolling in their favor. But MSKI will not just let MLE easily grabs their win, MSKI manages some good engage pick ups, but eventhough MSKI manages to pull up some good engages, MLE keeps watch on their objectives allowing them to extend their gold lead to an even higher amount topping up with their good team composition and maximizing the use of their champion skills, MLE manages to win the team fights allowing them to secure their win against MSKI.

Game 2

 Manila Eagles vs Mineski
  MSKI YUME   Mid  Ttsprt.MLE Chock
 Jungle  Ttsprt.MLE H4T3
 Mski Noel   Top  Ttsprt.MLE Yukz
MSKI CED   Support  Ttsprt.MLE Tgee


MLE started the game by getting sneaky, stealing MSKI's red buff and securing the 2 buffs on MLE sides jungle causing a slight delay to MSKI.Tomato level. MLE.H4T3 takes the delay advantage and successfully ganks the mid lane while on the top lane MLE.Yukz secured a kill and a CS lead against MSKI.Noel giving them the early advantage to the game.
The game continues with an almost even gold lead on both teams (MLE leads 800 gold) and remains passive. MLE , with them prioritizing the objectives manages to widen the gold gap allowing each of their members to buy their much needed item. A clash from the mid lane ignites on the 22min mark of the game as both teams dancing and waiting for their turn to initiate, MLE.H4T3s PRO Lee Sin mechanics allowed him to get a triple kill, a kill from MLE.Yukz and MLE.Exos kill to MSKI.Tomato scored them an Ace. MLEs lead against team MSKI continued to expand because of their objectives, up to the end of the game MSKI didnt manage to get even a single dragon or baron from MLE giving their opponent the chance to secure their victory over them. MLEs playstyle of grabing objectives allowed them to claim victory over team MSKI.


Marion "GG.Java" Carlos handles amateur tournaments for League of Legends PH and is also an avid follower of top LoL international leagues such as Korea's OGN, Southeast Asia's GPL and the NA/EU LCS.

The Pro Gaming 2014 Summer Season continues with Week 3 on Saturday - July 5, 2014 . Watch the games live on starting at 5 PM

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