The Recap: Pro Gaming Series Week 2 - Summer Season
BY GG Java - July 02, 2014

The second week of the GameX Pro Gaming Series 2014 Summer Season featured team Manila Eagles going head to head against Team Diamond last Saturday and the Impreium Pro Team going against Diamond for the Sunday match.

Manila Eagles vs Diamond

Game 1

 Manila Eagles vs Diamond
  Ttsprt.MLE Chock   Mid  Diamond Naaage
 Ttsprt.MLE H4T3 
 Jungle  Diamond Meme
 Ttsprt.MLE Yukz   Top  Diamond Ethan
 Ttsprt.MLE Exo  ADR  Diamond ebaaaan
Ttsprt.MLE Tgee   Support  Diamond Shura

A battle between the Manila Eagles and team Diamond gives an explosive start as MLE tried to invade team Diamonds jungle but team Diamond successfully defends their camp allowing them to take the early gold lead. But eventhough Diamond have a good start the other team did not falter, MLE manages to catch up with Diamond's lead by showing their superb individual skills and proper team coordination, each member of MLE are doing their part, MLE.Tgee's protect to the carry allowed MLE.Chock and MLE.Exo to positioned their selves perfectly adding up MLE's H4T3 and Yukz well timed engages. MLE's well planed engages and coordinations lead them to their victory ending the game to a 30 - 17 kill score.


Game 2

 Diamond vs Manila Eagles
  Diamond Naaage   Mid  Ttsprt.MLE Chock
 Diamond Meme 
 Jungle  Ttsprt.MLE H4T3
 Diamond Ethan   Top  Ttsprt.MLE Yukz
 Diamond ebaaaan  ADR  Ttsprt.MLE Exo
Diamond Shura   Support  Ttsprt.MLE Tgee

MLE showed team Diamond that objectives is the key to winning. Just like the previous game, MLE's superb rotations and a tight hold on their objectives and Diamond crumbled under the weight of MLE.Exo's Kog'Maw allowed Team MLE to secure their second win against team Diamond.


Imperium Pro Team vs Diamond

Game 1 (Due to time issue just like last time, Diamond wins)

Game 2

 Imperium Pro Team vs Diamond
  IPT Hero   Mid  Diamond Naaage
IPT Kaigu
 Jungle  Diamond Meme
 IPT Light   Top  Diamond Ethan
 IPT Fear  ADR  Diamond ebaaaan
IPT Shadow   Support  Diamond Shura

Diamond comes back with a vengeance redeeming their lost by defeating the Imprerium Pro Team. The game is dead even on the early parts of the game but when the 16min mark of the game ignites,while having the Dragon dance, IPT.Light engages team IPT but they responded quickly allowing them to score an ace and the opportunity to get the Dragon. Diamond showcases their dominance by their rotations and well managed team play allowing them to secure a win over the Imprerium Pro Team.



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The Pro Gaming 2014 Summer Season continues with Week 3 on Saturday - July 5, 2014 . Watch the games live on starting at 5 PM

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