PGS Summer Season Week 4 Preview
BY GG Java - July 10, 2014

Its gonna be a full schedule for team Wargods as they going head to head with the Pacific eSports on Saturday and Team Diamond on Sunday.

July 12, 2014 (Saturday) - Wargods vs Pacific

Date Match No. Blue Team   Red Team Result
July 12, 2014  1 - 17:00   Wargods vs   Pacific  
 2 - 18:00   Pacific vs   Wargods  

Can Pacific handle the previous seasons top 2 team?, Pacific fell very hard on this seasons matches as they've got sloppy team fights and rotations while on the other hand Team Wargods remains strong with their 3 wins. Wargods is known for their unorthodox champion picks and excellent individual skills while Pacific has not proven anything yet. Can Pacific fix their flaws and wins the matches and climb up the ladder or Wargods will be the dominant team on this game?.


July 13, 2014 (Sunday) - Wargods vs Diamond

Date Match No. Blue Team   Red Team Result
July 13, 2014  1 - 17:00   Wargods vs   Diamond  
 2 - 18:00   Diamond vs   Wargods  

Another game day for Team Wargods as they faces this seasons top two spot holder Team Diamond. Diamond has been dominant this past few games showcasing their excellent team play until MLE defeats them and stops their streak. Will Diamond handles the unorthodox picks and the individual skills of Wargods?


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