Patch 4.11 Impact
BY GG Java - July 11, 2014

Patch 4.11 is now live on PH and with it comes quite a few changes including the nerfs and buff on some items. Let's see what the most notable changes are and what could be their effect on the current eSports scene.

Some of the champions has been nerfed on this patch, first stop is Braum, We all know how strong Braum is since he showed up on Summoner's Rift. Braum's kit to protect the carries and giving out strong presence on the laning phase gives him the result of being nerfed, Braum's passive the Concussive Blows has been reduced, its damage to 50 + 12 per level from 70 + 10 on the recent patch. This is not actually a big nerf for our manly support but somehow reduces his strength. Also fixed a bug on Braum's Stand Behind Me.

Next stop is the late game monster Jax, Jax dueling power when he hits level 6 is very dominant also when he snowball the lane, therefore some changes has been made. His base health, health per level and armor per level has been reduced so that maybe the other champions has a chance to outduel Jax. 

Kayle is also on our list, Kayle's power on the laning phase specially on the top lane is somehow very dominant when it comes to lane pushing. As for that, Kayle's righteous fury's AP ratio has been reduced. Kayle's ultimate is so usefull during teamfights where she can turn the tables in their favor, thats why her ultimate the Intervention now have a higher cooldown.

Aside from the nerfs there has been a change for Maokai, eventhough some of his skills damage got debuffed there is also a goodthing now on his ultimate. Maokai's Vengeful Maelstorm now walks with him, therefore Maokai's utility for a teamfight to help his teammates have some damage reduction to last longer in battle.

Jungle for utility type Champions made easy:

Also related to this patch, Jungle is now made more easy for utility jungle champions more of like Amumu, Nasus including Maokai to clear camp much more faster because of the new Spririt of the Ancient Golem. Ancient Golem can now be built thru the new item the Quill Coat which has a passive of Sapping Thorns. Quill Coat's passive can help junglers to clear it more faster than the current patch. Aside from that, Ancient Golem now has a 25% bonus health and the +20 Armor which can help very more efficiently during teamfights.A buff has been also made for the Essence Reaver where its attack is now +60 from +50 to the recent patch. Essence Reaver's effectiveness is still not maximized. We can see it being used for Jayce, maybe as the season progress we may see some champions going to get this item.

On this patch we also have now the Team Builder which you can choose your role and can queue up with others who specifically wanted their desired roles too and also a change to Caitlyn's splash art is also included. 

Find out what other changes are there in the 4.11 Patch by going reading on the 4.11 Patch Notes 

Marion "GG.Java" Carlos handles amateur tournaments for League of Legends PH and is also an avid follower of top LoL international leagues such as Korea's OGN and the NA/EU LCS. 

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