The Recap: Pro Gaming Series Week 4 - Summer Season
BY GG Java - July 17, 2014

The fourth week of the GameX Pro Gaming Series 2014 Summer Season featured Team Pacific going head to head against Team Wargods last Saturday and the previous seasons 2nd top team Wargods battled it out against team Diamond for the Sunday match.

Pacific vs Wargods

Game 1

 Wargods vs Pacific
  WG Stronger   Mid  PCFC Hongju
 WG Trebor 
 Jungle  PCFC Misery
 WG JLC   Top  PCFC Shoti
 WG suEz  ADR  PCFC vyy
WG Poysanity   Support  PCFC 5238


The comeback of Vyy and Astarte (5283) tandem proves that they are part of the best bot lane duo in PH. A one sided game in favor of Team Pacific as Wargods tried to catch up with them, but with PCFC.5283's magnificent hooks on his most comfortable pick champion (Blitzcrank) crushes Team Wargods ending with a 13 - 38 kill score allowing them to secure their much needed win over Wargods.


Game 2

Pacific vs Wargods
  PCFC Hongju   Mid  WG STR0NGER
 PCFC Misery 
 Jungle  WG Trebor
 PCFC Shoti   Top  WG JLC
 PCFC vyy  ADR  WG otchiie
PCFC 5238   Support  WG Poysanity

Wargods redeeming theirselves from their loss on Game 1. A back and forth match for both teams as they both fight with their best from the start to finish. An excellent counter engage coming from WG.Poysanity and the rest of the team on the 35min mark of the game causes Pacific to crumble allowing them to get the Baron. The game continues and the duo of Wargods picks up the life of PCFC.Shoti giving them the chance to group up and continued to push the bottom lane, with their teamplay and the power of WG.Stronger's Xerath pokes down members of Team Pacific allowing them to push the rest of the tower and bash Pacific's Nexus to claim victor over Pacific.


Wargods vs Diamond

Game 1

Wargods vs Diamond
  WG Stronger   Mid  Diamond Naaage
 WG Trebor 
 Jungle  Diamond Meme
 WG JLC   Top  Diamond Ethan
 WG otchiie  ADR  Diamond ebaaaan
WG Poysanity   Support  Diamond Shura

A very dominant game from Wargods as they stomped down Team Diamond on the first game of the PGS Day 2. Team WG's overall teamplay allowed them to crush Diamond as they did not give up any Dragon and Baron to them all throughout the game. Wargods manages to end the game at the 30min mark as they forcely engages Team Diamond ending up with a 31 - 8 score in favor of Wargods.


Game 2


 Diamond vs Wargods
  Diamond Naaage   Mid  Wargods Stronger
 Diamond Meme 
 Jungle  WG Trebor
 Diamond Ethan   Top  WG JLC
Diamond ebaaaan  ADR  WG otchiie
Diamond Shura   Support  WG Poysanity


Diamond manages to play good this time as they get even on the kill score. But with WG's good hold on their objectives with a score of 4 Baron and 4 Dragons as for Diamond's 0 Baron and 1 Dragon allowed Wargods to lead in terms of gold. An ill managed engage coming from Diamond Shura allowed Wargods to end up Diamond Ethan's life forcing them to back off. But as team Diamond's running away from Team Wargods, an excellent teleport coming from WG.JLC followed up with the use of his Gragas's Body Slam allowed the rest of the team to catch up Team Diamond ending up other two members of the enemy team and rushes to push down the inhibitors of Diamond and from there again manage to take down the remaining members of Diamond allowing them to score an Ace and the change to destroy team Diamond's Nexus securing their second win of the day.



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