The Recap: Pro Gaming Series Week 6 - Summer Season
BY GG Java - July 30, 2014

The sixth and final week of the GameX Pro Gaming Series 2014 Summer Season featured Mineski going head to head against the last seasons champion the Imperium Pro Team last Saturday, Pacific battled it out against Mineski for the Sunday match and Wargods and the Manila Eagles battled their way to determine on who will reign supreme and be this seasons top spot holder for the Tuesday match.

Imperium Pro Team vs Mineski

Game 1


 Imperium Pro Team vs Mineski
  IPT Krl   Top  MSKI YUME
IPT Hero  
 IPT Light   Mid  MSKI CED
IPT Shadow   Support  Mski Noel

The battle for the Top 4 spot begins as IPT takes on Mineski in Game 1. The game started almost even for both teams but as the game progressed, IPT's good hold on their objectives and excellent rotations and ganks allowed them to dominate the game. Mineski didnt had the opportunity to get objectives which results them to crumble. IPT continued to snowball the game and at the 34min mark of the game, IPT decides to get the Baron but Mineski did not let them to get it easily, Mineski contest the Baron and IPT did not falter and successfully gets it and a clash ignites, IPT manages to wipe 4 members of Mineski with the help of their Baron buff and rushes their way to the enemy Nexus and gets their much needed victory over Mineski.

Game 2


 Mineski vs Imperium Pro Team
  MSKI YUME   Top  IPT Krl
 Jungle  IPT Hero
 MSKI CED   Mid  IPT Light
Mski Noel   Support  IPT Shadow

Game 2 between IPT and Mineski. IPT doing well in the early parts of the game giving pressure on every lane of Mineski. IPT.Light snowballed very well on his Zed allowing them to have the advantage. But as the game progressed, IPT starts to falter as they let Mineski to take two Barons allowing them to catch up with IPT's gold lead and later on gives them the chance to bash out IPT's Nexus and gets their very much needed victory to claim the top 4 slot.

Pacific vs Mineski

Game 1

 Pacific vs Mineski
  PCFC Shoti   Top  MSKI YUME
PCFC Misery 
PCFC Hongju   Mid  MSKI CED
PCFC 5283   Support  Mski Noel


Pacific started strong on this game as PCFC.Misery's ganks on his Evelynn always results to a success allowing PCFC.vyy to snowball the botlane very hard. But as the game goes on, Pacific's weakness on their team composition starts to show as Mineski manages to catch up members of Pacific one by one allowing them to almost even the gold lead eventhough Pacific gets the Dragon most of the time. Mineski manages to pick up the life of PCFC.Hongju which opens up the opportunity to regroup towards the mid lane and force the final team fight, Mineski manages to win the fight and secures the top 4 slot over Pacific.

Game 2

 Mineski vs Pacific
  MSKI YUME   Top  PCFC Shoti
 Jungle  PCFC Misery
 MSKI CED   Mid  PCFC Hongju
Mski Noel   Support  PCFC 5283

Just like the first game. Pacific remains strong on the early part of the game and as the game progressed, Mineski manages to catch up again from being downw allowing them to win teamfights and added up their points as the fourth placer of this seasons Pro Gaming Series.

Manila Eagles vs Wargods

Game 1


 Wargods vs Manila Eagles
  WG JLC   Top  Ttsprt.MLE Yukz
WG Trebor  
 Jungle  Ttsprt.MLE H4T3
 WG STR0NGER   Mid  Ttsprt.MLE Chock
WG suEz ADR  Ttsprt.MLE Exo
WG otchiie   Support  Ttsprt.MLE Tgee

A battle for supremacy between the Manila Eagles and Wargods. MLE started this game aggressively as they continue to invade Wargods territory for the Buffs, however WG.Trebor did not fall for the deny thats been made to him instead he continued to do his job as Jungler and gives his presence on each lane, WG.Suez and WG.otchiie manages to take the lead in the bot lane facing the dynamic duo of MLE which is MLE.Tgeee and MLE.Exo both former members of Mineski who goes to the World Championship. WG.Suez's excellent positioning skills and their overall skill executions allowed them to win engages and secure their first win over MLE.

Game 2


 Manila Eagles vs Wargods
  Ttsprt.MLE Yukz   Top  WG JLC
Ttsprt.MLE H4T3  
 Jungle  WG Trebor
 Ttsprt.MLE Chock   Mid  WG STR0NGER
 Ttsprt.MLE Exo  ADR  WG suEz
Ttsprt.MLE Tgee   Support  WG otchiie

The battle continues, Game 2 on the early part of the game remained almost even but as the game continues, Wargods team composition begins to dominate every teamfight. WG.Stronger's use of Zilean's ultimate causes MLE to struggle in team fights giving a free Guardian Angel to his comrades when in need adding up the power spike of WG.JLC's Jayce and WG.Suez's Kog'Maw allowing them to secure their second victory in style and reign supreme on this seasons Pro Gaming Series.

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