Patch 4.12 Insights
BY GG Java - July 30, 2014

Patch 4.12 is now up here in PH. Lets review and take a look at the recent changes on this patch.


Let’s take a look first on the changes for Lucian. Lucian is known as a very strong ADC pick where he scales very well from early game up to the late game. What makes him very strong is his kit. He can do poke damages which can make him dominant in terms of laning phase. Changes are made with the dawn of the 4.12 patch, a debuff tweak was applied to Lucian. His range, from the original 550, is now down to 500 which is also applicable with his Piercing Light. Due to these changes, Lucian will now experience a harder time in terms of the laning phase where he needs to be closer to his targets. But in exchange for his range nerfs, Lucian's "E" the Relentless Pursuit, lowers its cooldown everytime he uses his passive the Lightslinger which also requires ZERO mana. For now, Lucian's overall gameplay is still undetermined whether if he’s going to be effective in teamfights because of the changes on his Relentless Pursuit. These said, Relentless Pursuit can make him more agile and will allow him to position himself depending on situations or to be proven weaker in terms of laning phase due to his range nerf.
As for this changes I think that the cooldown reduction runes and items can be very effective for Lucian, making him very slippery, chase down enemy champions easier and to position himself effectively during teamfights.

There are also some changes for the big bull Alistar. His passive, Trample, no longer deals double damage to monsters. Pulverize and Headbutt now has lower mana consumption, on the other hand his ultimate the Unbreaking Will is now on 70% at all levels. From the recent patches we sometimes see a jungler Alistar. Jungle Alistar is quite effective because of his passive, but due to the changes made on his passive, I think that we can no longer see that. Alistar's reduction on mana consumption for his skills can allow him to be a better tank-support not forgetting to add up his ultimate. I hope that we can see Alistar rise up again because of these changes.

Aside from the changes of Lucian and Alistar, some of the nerfed champions (buff or bug fixed) are: Garen, Kassadin, Ezreal, Kha'Zix, Quinn, Rengar, Vel'Koz, Yasuo, Ziggs, Ahri, Caitlyn and Nautilus


Jungle Timer
is also included in this patch. Some players did not like this feature because it can affect the competitiveness of the game which can make the junglers to easily track down spawn of monsters allowing them to think less. But for me this change is very convinient for the junglers. With the help of this you can just simply worry on your enemies Summoner Spell cooldowns and can think of a much more effective way of ganking. You can only see the time of the Dragon, Baron or the enemy teams Red and Blue buff if you have a vision for them. Therefore better ward coverage is a must to ensure spawn times to get the objectives. Also convenient in a way of you dont need to press Z again to search for the time stamp, you and your teammates can just simply press the tab button to see which monster will be spawning first. This are some of my opinions and on how does the Jungle Timer works. For now lets just watch how the pros do their thing on this change.


Some item changes happend on this patch too. Essence Reaver now has an added damage from 60 to 80, Recipe has been changed also to B.F Sword. We dont see this item often so lets just wait and see if some of the champions are simply made to be with this item. Some of the item changes included are the Bloodthirster which now has a unique lifesteal and a much more time before the shield decays, The Ardent Censer which now has a 40 added AP from the current 30 AP. Manamune also included with a change of recipe and the Sunfire Cape which now has a much more fierier effect. For more information about the Patch 4.12 you can check out the League of Legends PH website.

Patch 4.12 Changes:

You can also check the Patch rundown video:

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