Worlds 2014 Group Stage Selection Results
BY eSports Team - September 09, 2014

The Top 16 Teams are locked in. After a riveting series of playoffs, the best League of Legends teams from around the globe have been seeded and placed in their Group Stage positions for the 2014 World Championship.

For Worlds 2014, each team has been divided into a group based on their performance in their respective Regional Qualifiers as well as a randomized placement system. (You can find out more about our Group Draw procedure here). Below, you'll find the Group stage list, along with the seed at which the team was placed into the group. You'll also find where and when the games from that group will be played.


September 18-19
NTU Sport Center, 106 Luosifo Road Section 4 No. 1, Taiwan

Edward Gaming (CN Seed 1)
Samsung White (KR Seed 2)
AHQ (SEA Seed 2)
Dark Passage (TK/RU/OCE IWC 1)

September 20-21
NTU Sport Center, 106 Luosifo Road Section 4 No. 1, Taiwan

TSM (NA Seed 1)
StarHorn Royal Club (CN Seed 2)
TPA (SEA Seed 1)
SK Gaming (EU Seed 3)

September 25-26
1 Expo Drive, Singapore 486150

Samsung Blue (KR Seed 1)
OMG (CN Seed 3)
Fnatic (EU Seed 2)
LMQ (NA Seed 3)

September 27-28
1 Expo Drive, Singapore 486150

Alliance (EU Seed 1)
Cloud9 (NA Seed 2)
Najin White Shield (KR Seed 3)
Kabum (LATAM/BR IWC Seed 2)

For a detailed breakdown of the 2014 World Championship tournament, including the group stage, bracket stage, and how to get involved, check out our in-depth Welcome to Worlds guide.


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