LMQ steal the show in Singapore day 1
BY GG Java - September 26, 2014

By Frank 'Riot Mirhi' Fields - Thu 09/25

After spending a week in the heart of Taipei, the World Championship moved south to the city-state of Singapore where the two harder groups began with a flurry of activity. Among the headline games were LMQ vs OMG, Samsung Blue vs OMG and Cloud9 vs Alliance. As LMQ embraces its adopted North American roots, Cloud9 held up their end of the bargain as well - North America leads after Day 1 in Singapore.


While fans and critics couldn't figure out if this match was a China grudge match or the great North American hope against the Eastern giants, this match was incredibly entertaining. Though most analysts and fans thought that OMG won picks and bans, including XiaoWeiXiao giving away Yasuo to Cool, LMQ's team fight composition came together better with great initiations by NoName and XiaoWeiXiao. The game was cracked wide open after a great Thresh hook by Mor, ending in a 4:0 for LMQ where they took an inhibitor and started the advantage that would give them the game.


While OMG kept the match close for a while, it was clear that they weren't on the same level as Samsung Blue in regards to team synergy and map control. Constant mechanical lapses lead to OMG's pick composition getting behind in gold before a fight at 29:00 minutes ended their hopes. Acorn baited OMG into a bad team fight leading to a Baron for Samsung Blue, who ended the game shortly thereafter.


While the unrefined may have thought this game boring, it was some of the most beautiful League of Legends that's been played at Worlds. Cloud9 was a level above Alliance and went into every fight with clear purpose and intent. Everything they did was to hit a goal minutes down the road, and their slow stranglehold was broken open with their engage into a Baron and a kill on Froggen.


This leaves us in a spot where North American teams went 4-0 in the opening day at Singapore, while Europe and China both struggled. LMQ had a comeback win against Fnatic, while Cloud9 dominated KaBuM. With TSM getting out of their group, and Royal Club and SK faltering to differing degrees, could North America be the de facto second strongest region?

Here is where we stand after Singapore Day 1:

Group C

1. LMQ: 2-0
2. Samsung Blue: 1-0
3. Fnatic: 0-1
4. OMG: 0-2

Group D

1. Cloud9: 2-0
2. Najin White Shield: 1-0
3. Alliance: 0-1
4. KaBuM Esports: 0-2

Group C & D continue tomorrow with Najin White Shield vs Alliance at 2:00 pm Philippine Time.

Frank 'Riot Mirhi' Fields is a Senior Web Content Coordinator for Riot Games. You'll find him in solo queue on Ahri trying to DFG charm his way up the Diamond ladder, or onTwitter where he'd love to talk to you about esports.