Samsung White continues dominance VS. TSM
BY GG Java - October 07, 2014

By Frank 'Riot Mirhi' Fields - Fri 10/03 from

Few gave Team SoloMid (TSM) a chance of winning even a single game in this series. While it wasn't pretty at times, TSM showed great heart in their loss Friday night. Samsung White (SSW) on the other hand proved why they were hyped as the best team coming out of groups; though they were humbled for their hubris in Game Three. It took more work than one would have thought, but White was able to come out with a 3-1 victory.


This game can be characterized by a few key misplays by TSM early game. They miscalculated where Samsung White would be in the jungle and it cost them a ton of early game experience. A few bad engages, and getting picked off in the mid game, lead to White snowballing to a huge lead. TSM tried a desperate dual split push, but SSW ignored them and went for the win.


Game Two started similarly to Game One, with a flurry of mistakes by TSM concerning jungle buff invades and early objective control. A great five-man dive bot lane for Samsung White ended in disaster for TSM, and the Koreans were again able to snowball their advantage when Imp initiated a two-for-zero trade followed by an inhibitor kill. From there, the game turned ugly as White constantly made showboating kills all over the map before ending the game up over 15,000 gold.


An abhorrent champion select for Samsung White spelled early-game disaster. TSM was able to capitalize on weak early game picks into a 5-1 kill advantage early game after several great skirmishes. A great initiation by TSM in the mid game broke the match open and Samsung White was never able to recover. After methodically taking two inhibitors with their advantages, TSM cracked the base at 26 minutes.


While Imp would later say it was a lack of confidence, it was perhaps a hint of arrogance that lead to Samsung White's downfall in Game Three. With renewed resolve, White was able to get a much better champion select in Game Four, giving DanDy his signature Lee Sin and countering TSM's strategy on multiple fronts. After some early ganks by Samsung White, they gained control of the map for the most part until a pentakill by Imp put the game firmly in their control. TSM was able to fight back late game with great rotations, getting several free towers and even an inhibitor using superior team positioning. Eventually TSM's maneuvers got a little sloppy and Samsung was able to close the game out.

The Quarterfinals continue tomorrow with Samsung White's sister team, Samsung Blue, taking on American darling Cloud9. While Cloud9 is expected to fair slightly better against Blue than TSM did against White, it will still take a great improvement over their Group Stage performance to win out against Blue.