Competition Ruling: Manila Eagles
BY eSports Team - October 24, 2014

We’d like to provide some updates on the case involving members of League of Legends team Manila Eagles, specifically Robert "Trebor" Mansilungan and Elvis "Knut" Zhao, who are suspected of violating competitive rule against Ringing (which covers: Playing under another player's account).

This case was first brought to Garena Philippines’ eSports governing body sometime October 2014 and we have since then conducted some independent investigations as well as joint sessions with various partners including Wargods.  We were able to validate sufficient evidences that clearly points that the two players have in fact used another player’s account/s, one of which happened during TNC Gaming Cup – September 21 Leg.  As a result of this finding, both players will be sanctioned with a two (2) years ban from joining any and all League of Legends competitions, tournaments and leagues effective immediately, October 24, 2014.  In connection with the investigation, we have also found that the team manager’s poor judgment and bad decision has led to this, therefore we are also expelling the person from the role.   Team Manila Eagles will also receive a one (1) year ban from joining any and all League of Legends competitions, tournaments and leagues effective immediately, October 24, 2014.  As a result of this, Manila Eagles’ slot in this coming season’s Garena Premier League (GPL) and Pro Gaming Series (PGS) will be forfeited.  The remaining players shall be allowed to join or form another team.

As we speak, the eSports governing body is in the process of formulating our local guidelines on competitive scene which shall include the list of various offenses with its corresponding penalties.  We intend to have this guidelines shared to everyone for transparency and clarity on how decisions are made with respect to certain rulings.  With that said, additional penalty(s) may be imposed to the involved Manila Eagles players and the team, depending on the final guidelines.  

While this incident is most unfortunate and least expected, we remain optimistic about the growth of eSports in the country and believe that we are taking the right steps in further building the foundation to have a thriving competitive scene in the country. Integrity and spirit of fair play is of utmost importance to us and we are always on the lookout for any improvements we can take on this front.