Pro Gaming Series 2015: League Update
BY GG Java - October 31, 2014

Greetings Summoners!

The 2015 Spring Season of the country’s premier League of Legends league is fast approaching. Starting this December, the best League of Legends team in the country shall meet once more in weekly matches for the right to be named as champions of the Pro Gaming Series. But before we dive into the action, here’s a pre-2015 season league update to guide everyone through what’s new and what to expect:

- We’re bringing up the number of teams from 6 to 8. This means more action and more chances for other teams to be part of the PGS.
- We’ll be starting with the 2015 Spring Promotion Tournament soon (the last step towards PGS).
- Instead of just two teams qualifying from Promotion to Regular PGS season, we’ll be getting five (5) teams to fill up the four new slots and one vacated by MLE
- We’re coming up with a possible new PGS Promotion Tournament qualification format/structure.


The competition will be tougher! From the previous seasons' 6 teams, the Pro Gaming Series will now feature 8 teams starting this coming 2015 Spring Season! More teams mean more challenge for our top League of Legends teams on their road to coveting the desired title of PGS champion. Current qualified teams include Wargods, Mineski, Diamond, Imperium Pro Team F and Pacific while the remaining three slots will be filled up via the 2015 Spring Season Promotion Tournament.


The Promotion Tournament will start on November 8, 2014. Six (6) Teams from the previously held Challenger Tournaments will be joined by the top two (2) teams from the Challenger Ranked Teams and will battle it out to determine who will take the chance to rise at the top and be part of the Pro Gaming Series 2015 Spring Season. To determine each teams opponent, we will be conducting a draw of the teams to be recorded and aired on November 3, 2014 (rescheduled to Tuesday 5:00 PM  due to some issue). From the Promotion Tournament, three teams shall rise up to take the final slots on the 2015 Spring Season and compete in weekly matches against the country's best League of Legends teams.

Qualified Teams for the 2015 Spring Promotion Tournament:

Madpros – Champions from the 2014 Mindanao Cyber Expo
Meedo Ghub – Challenger Series/Tournaments North Luzon
Imperium Pro Team S* – Challenger Series/Tournaments NCR
Betrayal / Lightsworn – Challenger Series/Tournaments NCR
Kim Wong and Friends – Challenger Series/Tournaments Visayas
GGWP – Challenger Series/Tournaments Visayas
Team 7 (Challenger Ranked Team to be determined on November 8, 2014)
Team 8 (Challenger Ranked Team to be determined on November 8, 2014)

*Update as of 11/03/14 - 3:48 PM
- Imperium Pro Team S replaces Lightsworn based on updated Challenger Tournament points
- Betrayal and Lightsworn will have a tie breaker match to determine which team will proceed to the Promotional Tournament. 

*Update as of 11/04/14 - 11:44 AM
- GGWP confirmed their slot in the Promotion Tournament. 


Watch out for the new challenger circuit structure that will provide more options to qualify for the Pro Gaming Series. We'll keep you updated on these changes before the year ends. Keep your hopes up and dreams high because your team might be the next team to qualify and be the next PGS Champion!