PointBlank at ESGS 2014
BY eSports Team - December 11, 2014

Point Blank Revolution has tapped into the next level of Esports as it participates in one of the biggest two day E-Sports and gaming summit in the Philippines.

ESGS is a two day e-sports and gaming convention in the Philippines. Game publishers as well as developers presents their beta, current, or upcoming game projects. The games presented at the event came from various platforms such as: Dragon Nest, Weapons of War, Crossfire, Wakfu, Yulgang 2 ,Love Beat, Consoles, Mobile Apps/Games

Last November 8, Point Blank held a qualifier tournament at Arena Internet Cafe to determine the teams who would participate in the ESGS On Ground Tournament. ESGS Qualifier had a total of 26 teams that competed against each in order to secure a spot in the next major tournament.

In every qualifier there are always a winner, but in this qualifier we only determined the top 16 teams.They have proven themselves by defeating their opponents and securing their slot in the ESGS Tournament. The Teams Team Arena , AceGaming , _IIDEATHSQUADII_ , RascaL , Defiant , Beng Beng , MakeUrMove , SixthSense , SharpEye'Z , Wargods , GRAVITY , PXEtherion , CruciaL , Alpha Team , CruciaL.Chix , I.S.I.S. have successfully qualified to participate in the ESGS Tournament.

 Then last November 15, Started the Day 1 of the ESGS PointBlank Tournament had it’s ESGS Tournament at SMX Convention Center halls 3-4 in line with the ESGS event.


There were 2 set of Matches that were being held simultaneously. A big LED screen was placed near the tournament area where in the players and audience can watch the on going matches between the teams. Other players are watching carefully and rooting for their favorite team to win.

The day would not be complete without a exhibition match. The match was held at the ESGS main stage between Team Wargods and Acegaming. Team Wargods won the exhibition game. With this we have conluded our Day 1

The Continuation of the ESGS On ground tournament was held on the second day of ESGS.

Among the different teams who have struggled and fought against each other only the top Two Teams remained. Wargods and Rascal faced each other to determine the winner of the ESGS PointBlank Tournament.

After a series of matches, there can be only one team that stands at the top. And once again team Wargods have proven what it means to be called a champion. Contragulations Team Wargods for winning the ESGS PointBlank Tournament.