PointBlank Mini Tournament at JDB iCafe
BY eSports Team - December 11, 2014

PointBlank Revolution's 1st ever 8 team 4v4 mini tournament is made successful with the help of our enthusiastic players. The tournament was held at JDB Internet Cafe in Makati city where beginners and amatures finally decided to take matters into the battlefield and see who among the rest is the best.

All Brackets we’re filled up immediately even before the end of registration. A living testimony for the longing hunger and thirst for battle from our troopers

However only 1 team will reign supreme as team GCG and team PXEtherion fight head to head to rise as the victors of the fight.
After the series of exploded and defused bombs. Team GCG rose to the top as the victors for our 1st ever 4v4 mini tournament.
Champion : Team GCG

2nd Place : Team PXEtherion with GM Kit 
Here are other Event highlights



Special Mention : 

(Members from different top teams provided 20 pesos for their
own prize for watching the local mini tournament in makati)