The Recap: LoL Collegiate League Week 2
BY GG Java - December 23, 2014

The Ateneo Azured Eagles soared high in their match against the OLFU's Infuzed while Team APC's Exosen carried his team to victory over MIT's Team tres lang sapat na on the 2nd week of the League of Legends Collegiate League 2015 Spring Season. Here are the replays and short recaps of the games held last Sunday - December 21, 2014:

GAME 1 - AMA University VS De La Salle University

A good start for Titans (AMA) for getting the early lead by killing LXIX.Fiery (Azir) twice on the early part of the game. But as the game progresses, Viridis Arcus' (DLSU) poke and go composition managed to take effect. LXIX.Fiery's Azir begun to snowball by picking-up kills. Perhaps the best highlight of the game happened at the 30 minute mark of the game as Troll Minion (Morgana) hits The Gulpiest (Corki) with Dark Binding then followed up by his teammates to engage a fight but Viridis Arcus (DLSU) high burst damages and good skill executions allowed them to win the fight. The game continues and Team DLSU decided to take the Dragon down but Dieu Sheezy (Lee Sin) from the opposing team tried to steal the Dragon and failed. Team DLSU after having the Dragon buff and upper hand decided to chase down Team AMA and scored an Ace which allowed them to bash Team Titans (AMA) Nexus and finish the game.

GAME 2 - Our Lady of Fatima University VS Ateneo De Manila University

Azure Eagles (ADMU) excellent strategy prevailed on this game. AZE Seo Yuri (Aatrox) managed to dominate in the top lane against Infuzed.ODP Zxa (Rumble) which placed Team Infuzed (OLFU) in a very bad situation. Team ADMU's well-planned rotation to avoid team fights and assassinating Team Infuzed (OLFU) one by one topping up with a series of split lane push allowed them to claim victory.

GAME 3 - Mapua Institute of Technology VS Asia Pacific College

This game started bad for Team MIT even until xExosen's Irelia bullied out IIIIIII’s  Gnar at the top lane. Despite xExosen's Irelia dominating the top lane, WG.PID Naaage (Ahri) and WG.PID Eban (Tristana) from the opposing team managed to take a lead on their respected lanes and became a threat to Team APC. That didn’t killed xExosen and his team’s fighting spirit and continue the fight.  xExosen giving pressure in the top lane and timely teleports to  join  the team fights while providng excellent zoning and tanking on to the carries of tres lang sapat na (MIT) allowed them to win the final team fight and grab their win.

GAME 4 - Polytechnic University of the Philippines VS Technological University of the Philippines

This was one sided game in favor of Team Hot Seat (PUP). Hot Seat's duo Last Dovahkin (Graves) and MKage Ero (Janna) totally owned the bottom lane which made Team Handsome (TUP) to crumble. Team Hot Seat continued to grasp their lead in terms of CS, Kills and Objectives allowing them to be the victor of this match.

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