A line up of great and explosive games!
BY GG Java - January 21, 2015

Last Sunday's match an action-packed display of skill. Pro players from the former Mineski team, also participants of the S3 World Championships, Snoy and Kaigu of CSB, Yume of UST and Exosen of APC, the current Mineski Jungler James.Makulit.xD, and even IPT's Rebengga of DLSU battled it out on this weeks edition of the League of Legends Collegiate League 2015 Spring Season. Here are short recaps covering the games that took place on Sunday, 18 January 2015:


An explosive match-up right off the bat. The Viridis Arcus (DLSU) took the lead early in this game, thanks to their well-timed
ganks. However, the Tiger E-Sports team did not falter. UST's GeT_R1GhT (Kassadin) also known as Mski.Yume, and his teammates continued to farm on their respected lanes, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. This strategy helped them win most of the clashes, letting them catch up on DLSU's gold lead. With this, Viridis Arcus struggled in the hands of GeT_R1GhT (Kassadin) until they saw a gap in Tiger E-Sports composition. DLSU noticed that UST's Kassadin (GeT_R1GhT) had a high burst damage and decided to focus fire on GeT_R1GhT. This forced him to waste his Zhonya's Hourglass early, which eventually led to Viridis Arcus taking down GeT_R1GhT's Kassadin in the team fight which allowed them to win the late game clash and rushed in to beat the Tiger E-Sports Nexus securing their win on this 50mins game.


The game started dead even between both teams but due to the TamaRawrs (FEU) miscommunicated plays, the Azure Eagles grabbed the lead. By the 31 min mark, a clash ignited on the top lane and TamaRawrs redeemed themselves and executed their wombo combo perfectly as they took the heads of 4 members of the Azure Eagles and beat the Baron, which turned the tables in their favor. The TamaRawrs continued to hold their lead which allowed them to win the final team fight that arose during the game's 40min mark. Afterwhich the TamaRawrs forced their way directly to the Azure Eagles Nexus and successfuly destroyed it, claiming their sweet victory.


A battle between the former Mineski teammates with CSB's Kaigu and Snoy going head to head against APC's Exosen. This game wasn't just about them though, as CSB's James.Makulit.xD with his Jarvan IV showcased a well performed jungle rotation that allowed Bida Gaming (CSB) to take the lead, specifically causing Snoy (Riven) and Hexane (Corki) on their respected lanes and Team APC to crumble. Bida Gaming's (CSB) well-fed members allowed them to dominate each teamfight.This allowed Bida Gaming (CSB) to take the match and climb the ladder with a score of 2-0 in this tournament.


An impressive performance from the Handsomes (TUP) in their game last week as their duo keq ie zth (Caitlyn) and dan (Lulu) gets the upperhand in the bot lane, but that doesnt Threatened UP from winning this game. As Oblation Esports Kid Buu Z with his Maokai begun to snowball and gave the Handsomes to struggle which later became a one-sided match in their favor. Kid Buu Z's tankiness allowed them to successfuly win every clash they engaged which paved way in securing their win against the Handsomes of TUP.

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