PGS Playoffs
BY eSports Team - March 05, 2015

Smart Prepaid Gamex Pro Gaming Series 2015 Playoffs

The top four teams in the country are now at a bus stop on the road to GPL. As of right now, there are no clues whether all of them will fit in. So once again the four teams should battle it out to know who's going and who's not.

The Structure

The top team on the PGS point standing will be facing against the 4th team on the list while the 2nd to the top team will be battling agaist the 3rd best team on a B03 manner, thus:

(1)Mineski.Globe vs (4)Pacific Esports
(2)Gamex.Wargods vs (3)Imperium Pro Team

The Playoffs Schedule

March 7, 2015 - 4pm onwards
Game 1: Mineski.Globe vs Pacific Esports
Game 2: Pacific Esports vs Mineski.Globe
Possible Game 3: Mineski.Globe vs Pacific Esports

March 7, 2015 - 7pm onwards
Game 1: Imperium Pro Team vs Gamex.Wargods
Game 2: Gamex.Wargods vs Imperium Pro Team
Possible Game 3: Imperium Pro Team vs Gamex.Wargods

Winners will advance to the PGS Finals in a best of five series to determine the best team of the season and a sure slot to GPL 2015 Summer Season.

March 8, 2015 - 4pm onwards - Finals (Tentative to be an onsite event on a different date)

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