Explosive Comebacks!
BY GG Java - March 16, 2015

Witness great comebacks from the recently concluded Week 11 of the League of Legends Collegiate League 2015 Spring Season that was held last Sunday, March 15,2015. OLFU's Team Infuzed took down the raging TamaRawrs of FEU, stripping them off their undefeated status; a slugfest match between the MIT Squad and CSB's Bida Gaming; PUP Hot Seats scorching desire to win against the Oblation eSports of UP. Here are some short recaps and replays of the matches:

Game 1: UE Manila VS Viridis Arcus (DLSU)

Some of UE Manila's members are competing in other tournaments and cannot play in LCL. Having said that, the Viridis Arcus of DLSU wins by default. Viridis Ardcus remains undefeated.

Game 2: Infuzed (OLFU) VS TamaRawrs (FEU)

Team Infuzed of OLFU showed us that they are still present in the group stages by giving a stain to the flawless record of the FEU TamaRawrs. Infuzed aggressive plays— doing ganks at early levels and their good investment on their vision control allowed them to shut down the TamaRawrs roaming capability. Team Infuzed overall teamplay forced the TamaRawrs to cast votes and surrender. This made them catch up Azure Eagles’ score, giving them a chance for the second spot to get out of the group stage.

Game 3: Tres Lang Sapat Na (MIT) VS Bida Gaming (CSB)

A close fight between these two teams, as CSB (Bida Gaming) managed to get the early lead and managed to bash MIT's (Team Tres Lang Sapat) two Nexus Turrets leaving the Nexus wide open. As the game progressed, CSB seems to be over confident giving the MIT Squad an opening for a comeback. Team Tres Lang Sapat Na managed to win some clashes and started to keep the gold rolling, catching up a little to CSB's gold lead. At the 36min mark, Bida Gaming secured the Baron and made a move to perform their final play. Bida Gaming engaged Tres Lang Sapat Na while GLOBE Ced (Twisted Fate) is doing a split push. The CSB Squad successfully stopped the MIT Squad from retreating forcing them to perform the final team fight. Diamond xEban (Nidalee) managed to take down four members of Bida Gaming but GLOBE Ced's split push allowed them to bash their opponents Nexus ending the game securing their top spot in the LCS.

Game 3: Hot Seat (PUP) VS Oblation eSports (UP)

The PUP Hot Seat seems to be literally searing in this game! Hot Seat totally outplayed the Oblation eSports of UP with their overall team play. UP's ace champions did not seem to take effect on PUP's team composition. The PUP Squad did not give a room for the Oblation eSports to breathe, Hot Seat managed to take most of the objectives shutting down their opponent ending the game with a 21-6 score adding another defeat to UP.

The League of Legends Collegiate League will return next Sunday, March 22, 2015. For the meantime, Dont forget to like the LoL Collegiate League Facebook page to know more and stay updated on the latest news.