End of Group Stage
BY GG Java - March 24, 2015

In this edition of the LoL Collegiate League 2015 Spring Season, the teams fight for the right on who will advance to the playoffs. We are more than excited to present to you some short recaps and replays regarding on the final week of the group stages that happened last Sunday, March 22, 2015.

Game 1: Tiger E-Sports (UST) VS Titans (AMA)

A different form was shown by the AMA team (Titans) as they raised their game to be on par with Tiger E-Sports of UST. Everything seems to be going well on both teams but as the game progressed, Leash2148's Katarina begun to snowball and cannot be stopped. Leash2148's well-timed skill executions, dodging some of the Titans crowd control skills and giving tons of burst damage made the Titans shook down to pieces. The Tigers continued to roar and finally took down the Titans completely ashes at the 53min mark of the game with an astonishing 53-26 score securing their win and heading on to the playoffs.

Game 2: Azure Eagles (ADMU) VS Infuzed (OLFU)

The early bird catches the early worm— the Azure Eagles of ADMU wanted to start the game just as the saying goes. They began to fly high and preyed on the OLFU Squad. The Eagles' luminous skills coming from Lux (AZE Funkeln) and Vel'Koz (AZE Kaede) punished Team Infuzed (OLFU). As Infuzed continued to hold on, the Eagles started to show some openings giving them a chance for a comeback. Team OLFU, searing with determination to win, took every chance and opportunity they had for a comeback and finally cage the Eagles. Team Infuzed managed to hold their lead and win the game at the 37min mark of the game and headed for the playoffs.

Game 3: Team APC VS Profilers of the Unknown (JRU)

A really close fight between these two teams as they remained almost even up to the late game. Team APC started to take the upper hand at the 35min mark since they managed to do a sneaky pick up on POTU Soooyy (Lulu). With that pick, POTU dropped their firm form and started to falter. The APC Squad did not give a room for the POTU to return to their fighting form and continued to assault them which allowed them to secure their much needed win, dropping of the Profilers of the Unknown in the group stages.

Game 4: Handsomes (TUP) VS Soaring Falcons (AdU)

The Soaring Falcons of AdU showed us that they're still in the league. The AdU Squad totally wrecked the Handsomes with their team composition and rotations. The game ended with a 12-36 score, a massive amount of gold lead and a chance to step up to the playoffs having a triple tie breaker against the Oblation eSports of UP and the Hot Seat of PUP.

The League of Legends Collegiate League will be having a short break and will return on April for the playoffs. For the meantime, don’t forget to like the LoL Collegiate League Facebook page to know more and stay updated on the latest news.