Call For Papers: We're Looking for eSports Writers!
BY eSports Team - March 26, 2015

Attention Summoners!

We are looking for fresh and talented writers who are passionate about League of Legends and competitive gaming; someone who diligently studies and reads on the current meta/patch notes, updates him/herself in all the latest in the international and local eSports scene, and simply enjoys playing LoL. If you think you have the goods, send us two (2) sample works: an article on your personal insight on Philippine eSports, and a post­match recap on any of the PGS matches from the PGS Media page

You may send your written works over to with the header 'Garena eSports Contributor ­ Name'. We will be accepting entries from March 26, 2015 until April 10, 2015.


1. Both entries should not be more than 2,500 words
2. Photos are optional. However, must be included if stating an example
3. For the post­match recap, writer must indicate the title on the video used
4. Please include a brief self ­introduction in your email

Chosen contributors will receive an RP incentive on a per ­article basis.

This is your chance to contribute to the LoL eSports community and to the Philippine gaming scene. We are excited for you to be part of our team!