2015 NA LCS Spring Split Predictions
BY Mr. Write - April 17, 2015

The LCS Spring Playoffs is reaching its final stretch, but the fiery competition has gotten even more intense, as teams all aim high to reach the LCS Finals.

Moving over to the western side of the LCS, after heated (albeit dominating) games; Team SoloMid (TSM) and Cloud9 (C9) move on to the finals after proving their worth against the newly named Team Impulse (TiP) and Team Liquid (TL), respectively, who will move on fighting for the third spot. The question is who’s going on what step of the ladder.  Let me take this time to share what I think could be the possible outcome of this split.  

Let’s start with the newly branded Team Impulse (formerly LMQ), with the only remnant of the former LMQ is XiaoWeiXiao, a formidable mid laner from the la

st split, and still a stronger contender today, and Team Liquid (formerly Team Curse) who have ridden themselves of two players who are deemed hiccups in the roster (Cop and Voyboy). Team Impulse, despite having a new roster composed of world-class players from different sides of the world, have gone strong into the Spring Split. Falling short just against Team SoloMid, they now fight for the third place spot. Picking up SKT T1 player Impact as their top laner, he showed that he can go toe-to-toe with the TSM top lane rock; Dyrus. He certainly is still on top of his game. Another Korean player has been added to fill in as Jungler; Rush, who has been ranking high in the Korean ladder. Rush plays very strongly much as a carry-jungle, and to which he has truly proven his worth, along with his other teammates, they carried strong as a newly formulated team. 

On the other hand, Team Liquid is not a team to be looked down when compared to Team Impulse.  They have their fair share of great plays on their own. Piglet, a world champion AD Carry, joins the team. Of course, he wouldn’t perform as a world champion with a new team and in a whole different region, but he has shown on numerous occasions, most notably against C9’s Sneaky, that he can outperform and dominate a lane just as he did in his prime, shining immediately by snagging the second best KDA in the split, landing at fourth in GPM, and only recently lowering down to second place on average gold per game. Certainly world-class performance on his side, but also looking over to Quas (Top) and IWDominate (Jungle), they have also continued to be strong players on behalf of their team. FeniX, another newly recruited member, has quite the shoes to fill, but his performance has given new hope, he showed that their decision was not wrong.  Team Liquid has what it takes to be a top contender, possibly rivaling even TSM and C9. Individually they’re top-tier in performance, but time will only tell if they can transition themselves into a solid team. I’ll most likely say that Team Liquid would take 3rd place because of their individual skills, which served them well in this split.

Team SoloMid would be my vote for second place. TSM has proven time and time again that they have been incredibly potent, always finding themselves in the Finals of splits. TSM continuously prove to be strong contenders no matter where they go. Bjergsen, WildTurtle, and Dyrus have performed to their peak and to their lowest point.  Bjergsen continues to be a dominant mid laner and performs at top notch, as the split’s MVP should. Dyrus continues to be an immovable object as a solo laner, though he may be hindered on many occasions, Dyrus stands as a reliable member of TSM when needed. WildTurtle offers much of the same reliability, being formidable in lane and as an AD Carry for his team, though he has reckless pursuits many times over, he backs it up with skill and prowess. And of course, a fairly new member but out of the gate, returning super star is Lustboy. Lustboy never falters when aiding his teammates. His champion pool may be small, but there is almost no reason to add even more when he constantly performs greatly on each of them. And the final piece of the team, the newly recruited Santorin. In all honesty, everyone eyed Santorin to see if he could perform as TSM’s jungler, to keep his solo lanes in check, and he certainly did. Santorin now holds the highest KDA standings in the Spring Split. Statistically, Santorin rivals even the best junglers the NA split has to offer, with his ward clearing, jungle control, and overall outstanding performance. TSM has what it takes to be top 1 indeed, except for who I see to be number one at the moment.

Cloud9 has been a dominant force in League, just as much as TSM or any other team out there. Sneaky, LemonNation, Hai, Balls, and Meteos has been the C9 roster for more than a year now. They have the utmost synergy together. Their play execution are flawless when done right, nothing is left to chance. Their entire roster’s performances are all ranked either at the top or close to it. Hai, the mid laner and considered by many as the best shotcaller of North America, has shown considerable accuracy in climbing through each victory. Going back to everything from the World Championship to today, and everything in between, Cloud9 has shown considerable improvement to their already top-tier team performance, and continue to showcase their synergy and coordination to which cannot be said for other teams, as of late. There’s nothing more to add, if I do say boldly, as C9 has always consistently been a force recognized by the world, and little to no changes has been made to their team. Like the old saying goes; “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. With that, I'm betting on C9 to come out on top of the NA Spring Split, it would be almost criminal not to say so.