BY Wilcke - April 22, 2015

We all have this guilty pleasure of purchasing skins to make our champions look badass in the Fields of Justice as we become legendary in a match. As a League of Legends player, you’ve probably owned a few skins for your favorite champions. However, we are not going to talk about skins in general, but the top ten highly coveted skins based on feedback from some of the members of the community.

Are you curious to know what they are? Well then, you better check this out.


Urf will be remembered forever as the best champion the league has ever had. At the end of April Fool’s Day 2010, Urf was brutally killed and flayed by Warwick, using his skin as a skin theme of his own. Ever since his death, Urf’s ghost haunts Warwick and throws a spatula on him. As the Manatee skin was only available for a limited time back in 2010, players can only obtain it through mystery gifting.

Every Lunar Revel, there are bound to be champion skins that are modeled after characters from Tecmo Koei’s “Dynasty Warriors” series. If you’re a huge Dynasty Warriors fan, you would love to see some champions dressed as well-known characters like Jarvan IV and Katarina as Lu Bu and Diaochan respectively. It’s highly possible that we’ll be seeing more Warring Kingdom skins in the future as there are champions that bear a resemblance to their Dynasty Warriors counterpart.

Riven was the first champion to have a skin to promote the Season 2 World Championships. Her color motif changed from green to blue and everything around her was a reference to the number two. Championship Riven is very popular among players compared to Thresh and Shyvana despite sharing the same skin theme with her. Perhaps the reason for this is because she looks good in blue. 

Spirit Guard Udyr is what Udyr could be if ever he gets a visual rework in the future. This skin is bundled with four icons instead of one, and has additional lines when in contact with certain champions and monsters. Since Spirit Guard Udyr is one of the three most expensive skins in the game, it’s no surprise that only a small number of players own the skin. Thankfully the mystery gift has given the majority a small glint of hope in getting an ultimate skin.

The blood moon theme is a reference to the Ochimusha in the Japanese mythology. Shen and Akali were the first ones to have a blood moon skin, but the number of champions sharing the same theme was raised to five when Riot Games introduced Kalista and released a blood moon skin for Thresh and Zilean.

Yasuo has been a fan favorite by LoL PH players since his release. Now that he’s reimagined as a cyborg ninja armed with a high frequency blade, players would love to have this skin for him and tread the path to vengeance. 

Stealth Camo is not included.Pulsefire Ezreal is the very first ultimate skin that came into existence and is bundled with a summoner icon and banner. In this skin, Ezreal dons a mechanized suit with a built-in AI named PEARL. Just like the Spirit Guard Udyr skin, a small number of players own this skin due to its price in the item mall.

The SKT T1 skins commemorate the Season 3 World Championship victory of team SK Telecom T1. Champions that were chosen to have these skins were the ones that the team used to their fullest potential. And since majority of the PH community idolizes team SKT T1, especially Faker, it’s only natural that they would like to own this skin for their champions. 

This yordle has embraced the cruelty of war and is now specialized in tactical warfare. Not the kind of transformation you’d expect from someone like Teemo. Omega Squad Teemo has the most noticeable changes to Teemo compared to his other skins, but still not on par with ultimate skins like Ezreal’s.

Sona took the League of Legends community by storm when her ultimate skin features built-in music soundtracks and three forms that can be changed anytime in-game. Free music is the best thing an ultimate skin can have aside from stunning visuals and custom animation patterns. It’s also bundled with three special icons upon purchasing.


Do you agree with our top 10? What's yours?