NA/EU LCS Concluded
BY Zephyr Phyrosen - April 22, 2015

LCS NA Spring Split Finals Recap

We've just concluded the NA Finals -- Team SoloMid versus Cloud9. TSM seemed to be the crowd favorite. Fortunately for them, they were right about siding with TSM. Let’s take a look at how TSM managed to become the winners for this year’s NA Spring Split in 4 games against Cloud9.


Things seemed to be a bit bumpy for TSM in Game 1. While they had a good early game advantage, Meteos’ skill with timing and throwing out his Sejuani’s ultimates crippled TSM to the point where they were just unable to group up. Scattering around didn’t help TSM either. They were picked off one by one by Cloud 9 when they were out of position. Meteos really did a good job in helping his team win this game, despite Hai not having a good early game.

TSM was treading on thin ice on the second game but they were able to turn the tide around through vision control, not to mention C9's overconfidence which cost them the match. What may have been a bad decision to go for a Dragon buff, while C9 was pushing middle lane at the inhibitor turret with Baron buffed minions, somehow worked in their favor. TSM was able to finish C9 off in a clash on that same lane, giving them a chance to fight back and even grab a Baron for themselves. TSM evens out the score at 1-1.

Game 3 went to TSM as they started showing off well executed counter ganks using Dyrus’ teleport. C9 really looked desperate as they kept making weird decisions to use Balls’ Sion as a human distraction. This only led to giving members of TSM more gold, and C9 didn't acquire the objective that they were aiming for as Balls’ distracts them. Simply a lose-lose situation for C9.

For the fourth and final game, TSM got back up to their prime, focusing more on setting up fights near the Baron and punishing mistakes such as engaging too early or too far. While C9 was able to interrupt TSM’s first Baron attempt and took away 2 members with it, TSM used this to set up a fight near the Baron as C9 tries to contest it. With the various choke points near that Baron pit and a really fed Cho’Gath from Bjergsen, it’s almost an instant win for TSM on that fight. TSM destroys C9 despite a solid team comp.

Once again, they proved that it’s not the champion but the player. TSM grabs the trophy as this year’s winner of the NA Spring Split, gaining 90 championship points and 70 for Cloud 9.


LCS EU Spring Split Finals Recap

This has been one of the craziest and most awaited matches of the whole split. It’s the piping hot fresh Unicorns of Love versus the old but gold Fnatic. Truly one of the best matchups of the season. While everyone’s been expecting the Unicorns to win, Fnatic proves to us that the gold color of their team isn’t just for show.

During the first game, PowerOfEvil stuns the crowd as he hovers over Varus in the mid lane Febiven’s Kassadin, and locks it in as the last pick of the selection phase. If you think that’s the highlight of the match, then think again, because he didn’t only picked Varus against Kassadin, he picked Varus and won the game with it. A fast paced game from the usually slow and steady Unicorns caught Fnatic off guard.

It suddenly took a sharp turn on the second game. Fnatic, demonstrates their ability to adapt as they almost had a plan for everything that the Unicorns had. They prevented Kikis from stealing the first Baron by having Nautilus guard the jungle behind the Baron pit, and they did this knowing that Kikis was the only one left alive. Their overwhelming control over the Dragon buff and objectives is what gave way to their victory here. I would also like to point out that whenever a Rumble is played, the team that has him almost always wins (See H2k vs SK Game 3 Odoamne and Team Liquid vs Team Impulse Game 2 Quas).

It’s seemed to look bleak for the Unicorns as they arrive at the third game. While they may have had a plan by banning Rek’Sai, it simply backfired on them as it opens up Hecarim for Huni. Kikis returned with Udyr but just wasn’t enough to pick up all the counterganks. I would have to give a lot of credit to the Unicorns here as they were able to stall so well that there were times that their victory wouldn’t be farfetched.

Then, once again, the Unicorns of Love made us believe in magic, as they grab the fourth game by force. Kikis was definitely the hero here. His Sejuani’s ultimates are almost always spot on and the threat of the ultimate itself prevented Fnatic from just diving in recklessly. The Unicorns also exhibited fantastic team followups. Their plan and execution of their tactics were flawless, even to the point where Fnatic didn’t even get a single Dragon buff. Unicorns tied the game for a fifth and final match.

Game 5. Once I saw Huni pick Rumble for the fifth game’s champion selection phase, I knew... The only way they could turn this around was to shut down the Rumble. However, Huni was still managed to scale up and provide damage for his allies with well-placed Equalizers; add that along to Unicorn's bad positioning and we get a game that is finished by Fnatic at 39:11.