GG: Good Game, Good Grades
BY Mr. Write - June 17, 2015

With most schools opening up their gates for the new school term and summer already well and done, students are once again ready to face their lives on campus, but this doesn’t mean they have to give up on the games they loved to play during the break. Schooling and gaming are certainly two things we all want to keep in our lives, be it obligatory or passionately, but juggling these two may not be easy for some, if not most of us. So, here are a few guidelines to help you balance both. Take some time to reflect on these and maybe you too can rank high in League of Legends and still ace those math exams.

  1. Chrono-fix: Manage your time

Try to schedule your time well. Let’s be honest, you can’t control your school schedule (except for College students, I suppose), so the best thing to do is to adapt your gaming into that schedule. You can always find time to spare. It may seem impossible sometimes but that’s because you haven’t set the schedule yet. Try it out. A planner works well too. When you take your schedule as a responsibility to uphold, you’ll eventually learn some good habits to keep. Also, managing your time is useful throughout your life.

  1. Punch first: Priorities before everything else

Look, sometimes we’re eager to play a game or two, maybe even complete a series to launch our ELO a few notches up, but priority comes before that. Your series can wait; reviewing for an upcoming exam has a deadline. On a positive note, completing your priorities first leaves you with more room to breathe afterwards, and thus allows you even more time to play.

  1. Smile: Keep the stress out

Now, stress comes in two ways: from studying and from playing. First off, school can be quite stressful at times. Homework, projects, reports, etc., we all know these too well. You cannot study when you’re stressed, so why not take a break once in a while and play a game or two. As for gaming, there is stress in that too, especially when it comes to MOBAs like League of Legends. The desire to win can often push you to the point of fatigue. This stress may hinder you from performing your best when playing. So, make sure to keep your cool and avoid stressful games.

  1. Switcheroo: Each in moderation

You know what they say; “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Taking your studies seriously is fine; it’s actually good, but there’s a limit to that. Take yourself out of the books for a while and get on The Rift. Doing so helps you recalibrate your system to take on further loads later on. But of course, if you limit your studies, the same should go for gaming.

  1. Fully charged: Rest regularly

Studying and playing takes up a lot of energy. Remember that you should limit both studying and playing, right? Well, somewhere you need to relax a bit too. Take a nap to relieve your body and your mind. You need both to be in top shape.

  1. Ace in the hole: Focus and do your best

Whether you’re working on a school project or practicing with a new champion, always do your best. If you’re hitting the books, you should focus on what’s at hand. Even if you do establish a timetable between your gaming and studying, if you’re hitting the books but constantly turning your head to see if it’s time to play, then that timetable would most likely be pointless. And if you’re playing but constantly thinking about your school project, then you’re just adding more stress. It’s either you enjoy what’s at hand or you’ve already lost and wasted your time.

  1. Get excited: Learn to have fun

I know it might sound cliché, but this is perhaps one of the most important rules of all. If you cannot find joy in either of these activities, then all the work you have expended will be in vain. School isn’t exactly “fun” but that may be because you fail to see the joy in studying - to reap the rewards of your hard work. As for gaming, I’ve seen people “play” the game but not have fun at all. Climbing the ranks can be a chore, but if you’re playing just to stress yourself out, then you’re missing the point of the game.

These may sound simple, but it truly is just that simple to balance out your passion for gaming and your habit for studying. I’ve been a firm believer that you can have the best of both worlds. I’ve seen students who are just messed up, filled with stress because they take their studies way too seriously. On the other hand, I’ve seen students who completely lost track of their studies. So blow off some steam, play a few matches, but don’t forget that those books over there aren’t going to read themselves.

After you review a little, maybe I’ll see you guys on the Rift? Sounds like a good plan!