Evelynn’s Agonizing Run on the Rift
BY Mr. Write - June 17, 2015

We all know that Evelynn has seen her fair share of the spotlight as a Jungler. Recently, the Pro Gaming Series 2015 once again took Evelynn out of the covers, possibly a response to the EU’s revival for her as well. However, picking her wasn’t exactly fruitful, since every team that did take a shot at her failed to claim victory. Could it be Evelynn that is the problem?

Eve just doesn't scale as hard as practically any other jungler in the current meta. She has no hard cc at all, and only 1 skill that slows(and that being her ult) therefore very inefficient ganks. Her ganks are slightly better with stalker's, but then she has to back a lot due to lack of sustain; with trailblazer, however, she has slightly better sustain, but slightly worse ganks. Her time to shine is early game, where she applies pressure by existing. After that, her base damages suck if she goes tank, too squishy if she goes mage, and is too easily kited. She has no skills that let her consistently catch up to get target (unlike udyr); if she gets slowed, that's it. In my opinion, she has no place in the current meta and, unless the game is won really fast, she falls off a cliff.

Gio “The Dyr” Dungca

Eve jungle is a very snowball reliant champion. She can either win you early game with amazing pressure or scale horribly into the late game because she's not what you would call a conventional jungle equipped with initiation and tank properties.

Her pros: early game pressure, invisibility (meaning she can surpass green wards), great early game damage, can stick to champs with her W

Cons: easily bursted down, gets countered by pink wards, snowball reliant, doesn’t have hard cc to initiate

GS Asurai

It’s easy to see that Evelynn has a problem fitting in the current meta. With competition against the likes of Gragas and Rek’sai, Evelynn’s light is but a dim glimmer. Statistically speaking, Evelynn gains her power-spike at the very beginning of the game, when the opposing team is divided among their lanes. Her passive allows her to create pressure no matter where she is, at that point, the opposing team is expected to play on the defensive; the opposing jungler’s only real option to deal with Evelynn is to counter-gank or respond to her ganks with objective control or lane pressure. Then comes the ultimate problem; Evelynn does not scale. When team skirmishes erupt, Evelynn needs to make her picks count. Supposedly, her mid-game isn’t too bad, but Evelynn’s value to her team slowly fades as the game clock ticks.

In all 3 games that Evelynn was used during week 3 of PGS, the teams using her lost… There seems to be a lack of synergy between some lanes and their junglers. Had they made more efficient and successful ganks and improved on the rest of the flaws, Evelynn would have looked like a much better pick.

GS Amplifire

We’ll have to heavily admit that Evelynn is not a conventional jungler, by today’s standards. Taking Rek’sai, a heavily banned jungler in the NA region, as an example, she does not need a team composition to revolve around her; Instead, Rek’sai delivers what a team comp needs. Though Rek’sai’s damage does not scale all that well, she makes up for it in utility, mobility, and presence. Whereas Evelynn’s value as a jungler is dependent on whether or not her team can keep up with her while she still holds her power spike. In addition, she is also responsible for her own welfare; If she fails to take advantage of her strengths to their fullest, her early power spike goes to waste.

I think teams in PH are still not used to utilizing Evelynn in the early game. Unlike Gragas, J4, Lee Sin and other junglers who rely on aggressive initiates to gank, Evelynn requires more coordination with teammates in lane.

GS Sh1n Boo

At the end of the day, Evelynn has had a rough re-introduction into the PGS, possibly due to a lack of preparedness in the PH scene. To make matters worse, Evelynn has undergone a rapid decline in her ability to perform as a jungler, or at least to remain on par with some of the stronger picks out there. Looking towards the future, we may see some Evelynn plays, but a full return into the meta looks quite bleak.