The Weigh In: GameX.Wargods vs. Imperium Pro Team
BY Mr. Write - June 25, 2015

With the Pro Gaming Series (PGS) simmering down, three teams have now been selected to represent the Philippines in the Garena Premier League (GPL). Among those teams are the famed Wargods (WG) and the rising superstar team Imperium Pro Team (IPT). Right off the bat, these two teams will be facing each other in the first week of the GPL. They have fought each other on the Rift before, with Wargods proving to be the top-dog between the two; but now that they’ve grown stronger through the weeks, will things play differently or will history repeat itself?

Pre-GPL performance

Wargods has been always been a household name when it comes it PH eSports but Imperium Pro Team is now regarded as a dominating force in the scene. With a contender like IPT, it looks like WG has to watch their backs.

At the start of the PGS Summer Split, WG and IPT fought a good fight and ended with WG taking two wins under their belt. WG, as we all know, is the team when it comes to mechanical prowess, yet both IPT Suez and IPT Kupzzzzz have proven exceptional on some of their better picks (e.g. Zed and Jarvan, respectively).

The Team: Synergy and Team play

No debate here. In terms of synergy, Wargods has the upper hand. Though IPT’s suEz , H4T3, and kupzzzzz are top-notch in skill and their team plays around individual abilities, Wargods trumps them when it comes to team coordination. IPT’s team play leaves a lot to be desired at the moment and they ought to work on their shot-calling and initiative, moving away from their counter-play-focused strategy, if they want to emerge as the stronger team.

The Superstars: Individual skill, mechanics, and experience

Every sporting team across the world boasts superhuman aces who carry their cause to victory. Of course, WG and IPT both take pride in their own stars. WG showcases JLC and Stronger. JLC is one of the best Top laners in the PH scene; he bags solo kills, his mechanics are undoubtedly amazing, he has a solid champion pool, and he holds his own against many, if not all, top laners. This positions him as one of the most aggressive top laners the PH has to offer. As for Stronger as a support, he favors heavy aggression in lane while offering ward coverage/clearing that is not to be taken lightly. Stronger is perhaps one of the key components in most, if not all, WG wins.

On the other hand, IPT flaunts H4T3 and suEz. They share similarities in terms of being carries. H4T3’s ADR plays have been incredible on Vayne who just renders all form of counter-play moot. suEz is a bird of the same feather as he’s a hyper carry with a champion pool that allows his game play to reach new heights. Since his Zed’s debut, no one can doubt that suEz knows exactly what it means to play an assassin to its full extent, strategically picking off key opponents and snowballing his team from there.

The Verdict

Despite the current PGS standings, WG has the upper hand in this match-up. Though IPT has grown to become a force to be reckoned with, WG counters their current play style. While IPT is a counter-initiative team that plays on the back foot, WG is a speeding truck ramming against anything that lies in their wake.

If IPT hopes to win it, they would have to emulate Acclaim.EmpireX’s strategy against WG in week 5 of the PGS: Shake up the pace of WG by moving faster and more decisively, denying them the control and momentum they thrive in. In order to do this, IPT has to become a solid force with pinpoint focus. However, if it’s their usual counter-play they stick with, they’ll have to secure the early game advantage and then the victory by mid game to avoid WG’s powerful transition at the 25 minute-mark.

Are you guys excited for their upcoming match? Who do you think will win?