Pampanga's Pride Ghub-ARR beat IPT Blue on Esports Tour
BY eSports Team - June 29, 2015

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While Imperium Pro Team Blue (IPT Blue) entered the EST LoL playoffs at SM Clark the favorites, given their current standing in the Pro Gaming Series, it was a little-known team from Pampanga that came out on top, as Gamerss Hub - All Rights Reserved (Ghub-ARR), holding the fort for LoL players all over Pampanga.


Game 1
While Ghub raced to an early advantage in the finals bo3 opener, the veterans of IPT Blue kept their calm despite being pressured from all sides, in order to make the comeback. Long-time superstar Rebengga led his team to a 1-0 lead, with his Gragas successfully controlling teamfight after teamfight in the lategame.


Game 2
The second set opened rather similarly as the series opener, with Ghub racing to an early lead but failing to clamp down as their experienced foes weathered the storm, eventually wresting the lead. However, spectacular Dark Binding usage from Toxic allowed Ghub to eventually take back their lead, before a Pentakill from Coool's Jayce sealed the deal for Pampanga's last hope.


Game 3
With both momentum and the home-crowd's supports on their side, Ghub hammered out their biggest advantage of the series yet, with Toxic once again controlling the game's tempo. Not even Kinzonn on his farmed Lucien could help IPT Blue keep things together as Ghub claimed a 28-minute inhibitor, giving them the map control that would prove to be the nail in IPT Blue's coffin.

The champion team and Pampanga's very-own Gamers' Hub -- All Rights Reserved took home PHP 15,000 + 5,000 RP while runner-up Imperium Pro Team Blue took home PHP 5,000 and 2,500 RP

Imperium Pro Team Blue


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