The Livestream: Evolving eSports Entertainment
BY GG Aika - July 03, 2015

With the stream becoming a regular event now that the Garena Premier League 2015 Summer has also commenced, it’s no surprise that players find themselves weighing the value of the added hours. In this light, I am here to show you that those hours are worth the time.

What we used to know

Now before I bombard you with all the great stuff we have right now, let’s revisit the older stream to gain some perspective.

Awkward pauses were the least of the weaknesses that the old stream used to suffer from; With other hiccups such as verbals stutters and lower video quality, audience time wasn’t optimized as it should have been.


However, with the recent improvements, one could say that Garena eSports has reached a whole new level.

Boosted battles

The stream of today boasts a myriad of cool things that are sure to keep you entertained. First, we have epic intro clips starring the players themselves.


Second, we play fan favorites every now and then such as GS Riku’s “Juice Ko”.


Next, we now feature replays of the bloodiest fights to keep the memory of the battle fresh.


On top of these, our team has gone an extra stretch to serve up a most potent dose of eSports. We have engaging community games like the “Definitely Not PGS” and buffed up rewards from both the “Watch ‘N Win” and the “Match ‘N Win”.



The transformation

Side-by-side, here is a clearer comparison of the more subtle improvements.

Cherry on top

And if these weren’t enough, check out the cool overlays our designer made! Makes me wish I were pro enough to get my own overlay.


If these things have gotten you going, check out the stream every WED to SUN at For specific game schedules, refer to the Garena eSports Facebook page for more details.