Mineski Rouses Go To Sleep to a Draw at GPL 2015 Summer
BY The Dyr - July 06, 2015

Last week, Mineski.Globe went toe to toe with one of Thailand’s strongest teams, Go To Sleep, in their first two games in the GPL 2015 Summer. GS Sh1n Boo, in his eloquence, pondered the meaning of GTS’ name before the games began, “Mapapatulog kaya ng Go To Sleep ang Mineski.Globe?” To answer his question, Mineski and GTS each won a game, netting both teams one point.

Lead of Lethargy

In the first game, GTS pulled out a three tank comp, focusing on an amazingly strong AoE teamfight as well as countering Mineski’s bot lane. Mineski, on the other hand, built their team around getting picks and split pushing. However, Mineski was not able to utilize that strategy very effectively since GTS easily forced towers and dragons with their superior tankiness and power when grouped up.



The game looked like it was going to Mineski early on, with Kulit ganking mid to blow Ahri’s flash, then coming around again to secure first blood. In a second gank by Kulit, GTS responded with a 3 man counter gank which killed Kulit instantly. However, Yume managed to live long enough to make big plays by flash-igniting the enemy Sejuani under tower and then running into Go To Sleep’s jungle. He almost made it out alive, but GTS’ Nautilus found Yume recalling in their base and finished him off. At this point, things looked good for Mineski, as their kills were funneled onto the mid lane and jungle while both of GTS’ kills were on their support.


Sadly, it seemed to all go downhill from there. Mineski went off to make some bad decisions and start messy fights, misplaying one fight so badly that TGee uses Gnar’s ultimate to push three members of GTS onto eXo. This led to GTS taking over the game slowly and methodically from Mineski, taking every dragon and baron while only giving up two of their own towers, for an extremely convincing win at 37:45. At the end, Mineski was down 12k gold and 13 kills.


Sleepless Success

In the second game of the series, Mineski decided to step it up and play to their strengths with an old, reliable strategy: Get TGee fed. With a Teleport summoner spell and two global ultimates, Mineski seemed to want to have control of the map on their comfort picks. Go To Sleep, blissfully unaware of the nightmare that is TGee on Poppy, built their team around objective control and peel.



Go To Sleep seemed to take control early with a Nunu gank on Mineski’s overextended bot lane, with Kaigu giving up first blood. However, like last game, that early advantage only served to bring GTS up before Mineski showed them the meaning of the phrase “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.” As predicted, Kulit went for a sneaky lane gank on GTS’ Gnar, even flashing for the knock up and tanking a tower shot for TGee while his Devastating Blow takes Gnar’s life. Mineski dedicated precious resources to getting TGee going, but this was just the start.


Mineski secured a free dragon at 17 minutes, catching Go To Sleep sleeping, but the Thai team prepared for the second one. Kulit, showing how he got his name, waited outside the wall of the pit for the right time, burrowed in, and stole the dragon with his Smite, then took Kaigu’s Dark Passage to safety. He tried the same strategy on the next two dragons, but GTS was ready for him, and he wasn’t able to steal any more after that. Mineski really set out to punish GTS’ mistakes of overstaying by going hard on anyone isolated, then chasing down the rest of them. This strategy ended the game for GTS when Mineski picked off Nautilus then chased hard, picking up Viktor, Vayne, two Nexus turrets, and the win.



A victory and a defeat for Mineski.Globe means that they get 1 point in the group stage. Currently, they are tied for second in their group along with Go To Sleep, with Bangkok Titans taking first place with 2 wins and 3 points. It’s very possible for Mineski.Globe to still place in the top 2 places in their group, with matches upcoming versus Boba Marines and Bangkok Titans.



If they manage to pull off two wins versus Boba Marines and go even with Bangkok Titans, that would give them 5 points in total: a very good score for this group, considering Mineski is up against two of Thailand’s best teams. Only time will tell, as the next two weeks are packed with action for our own representative teams, so make sure to tune in to the Garena Premier League 2015 Summer at!